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Jantzen Tailor

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I'm not trying to bag on Ricky by this post, just trying to find out how much longer I might be waiting. Ordered 4 shirts in the last week of August, rec'd from Ricky a request (e-mail) for clarification on measurement change about a week later, to which I promptly replied. Have not heard nor received anything since. Earlier orders were usually rec'd in fewer than 6 weeks. How long have you been waiting for your last order?
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Man, out of all the posts on the forum, this should be a poll. Jon.
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Current order = 10 shirts. 8 weeks and counting Last order = 10 shirts. Received after 12 weeks. My brother's last order = 1 shirt. Received after 4 weeks. My last order was placed in early June and Received early Sept. My brother's last order (his first) was placed in mid-July and was received mid-August. Figure that. Still worth the wait, by the way. I am so much happier when I am wearing my Jantzen shirts. Ricky's french cuffs are especially perfect, IMO.
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My last order was placed in late August and he just charged my credit card on 11/26. Hopefully my order will arrive this week.
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My order situation is a little odd... Starting in June I placed a number of orders throughout the summer, but at the same time kept sending slightly changed measurements in an attempt to fix a fabric pulling problem. I also sent pictures. Never received any responses. Finally, I called (09 October) to see what was going on and we decided to cancel the previous submissions in order to start over again with a single shirt (to make sure the fit was right.) Anyway, Ricky e-mailed on 22 October to tell me he was making the shirt at that time. I am still waiting anxiously.
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