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How Much to Tip For Heavy Labor?

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How much do you guys tip for furniture/mattress/refrigerator deliveries, piano movers, etc.?   And what elements factor into it: the number of of guys involved?  Stairs vs. elevator?  Number of flights?  Whether they're also removing the old mattress/refrigerator? Is there a generally accepted formula?  Or do you just make your own unscientific judgement as to what's a fair and reasonable amount? Edited because though generally a good speller, 'refrigerator' is one of those words I always want to mangle (note the uneditable thread subtitle...)
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It depends, I usually tip about $10/person for a delivery of a very heavy item (like a mattress) but it really depends on the level of service, how much work they have to do, etc.
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I don't know of a formula/etiquette for this really; however, for my two house moves (using a moving company and one of those 18-wheel moving vans), I tipped each man $20 except the driver, to whom I gave $40 or $50. I think it depends on the size of the job -- if it takes them all day of hard labor or just a couple of hours.
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I hired movers for my last major move.  I tipped each mover $20.
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On my moves, I used to tip $20 and a cold beer...however, due to liability issues, I'm now down to just the cash. For the last move, the movers worked hard and fast (in-town, half-day move), so I tipped them each $40.
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