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There is a bit here under 1960s
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I tried to delete this post but don't no how, i'm sorry for my stupid first post shog[1].gif

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Ohw no not again...

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Hi guys, I am currently working on my essay about the Fred Perry shirts. The topic is "The nostalgia and personal connection to the past". Please, if you have a Fred Perry shirt, could you spend a moment to fill in my short survey? Thank you very much for your help!

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Does anyone know how Fred Perry came to be part of the skinhead uniform? Just curious.
skinheads evolved from mods, mods like to dance but keep smart, the fred perry shirt was ideal for sweaty dance floors, and still stayed smart,the 7/6d younger mods so called because the Woolworth shirts the little brothers of working class mods wore,cost 7/6d , went on to become the late 60s skinheads, keeping a lot of the mod clothing,, together with the new comers to the scene, and the fred perry came with them,keeping faithfull to the mod family tree ,, also like to add on a different note, I notice that a lot of comments stating that the term "sort" referring to a girlfriend or girls in peticular , is a mod or skinhead term, yes it is and was, but it was more of a working class Londoners expression, that everyone used,, my grandad used to say the "blonde sort behind the bar" and he would of been 60 in 1964 Camden town, like "Oi" in the late 70s and beyond , it was also a cockney greeting or to get your attention , still used by what's left of the cockney ,, albeit now moved tazout to the Home Counties,
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