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I wouldn't mind seeing some pictures. How about this, if you post some of yours, I'll post some of mine.
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I also received a Raja suit recently and will try to post pictures soon. I guess I was lucky, but the suit I received was exactly as I had ordered it, the only exception being that the button stance was a little lower than I wanted. However, I may not have adequately communicated the button stance I wanted to the tailor - next time I will bring pictures and an exact measurement of where I want the buttons.
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First response is I'm very happy both the alterations and the other jacket/trousers. They shortened the suit jacket slightly without throwing the balance off too much, and the other two garments are great. Only problem, the breast pocket on the jacket seems very low. I guess it's a downside of going MTM, and forgetting to specify, but I think it's a shame. I'll have my wife take pictures tonight and will post them as soon as possible (it is a very laborious process unfortunately). Would love to see the work by Raja on your suits. EDIT: Also, the buttons are plastic.
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I have booked my first appointment with Raja for Monday next week, in the Holiday Inn, Belfast. Any tips? (other than don't bother.) I am thinking along the lines of a Glen plaid sb suit.
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Know exactly, and I mean exactly what you want and then make sure they know what you want. I would actually come in with a piece of paper with everything written down and then physically hand it to them, that way there's no excuses. Also, don't let the sales guy bully you around. Hold out for the lowest price you think you can get. Don't let them make you think you're stealing from them. Other than that, good luck. Hope it's fun.
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I take it from that that their prcing structure is not very transparent? What should I be paying for fairly typical SB 3 button plaid suit, brace buttons and side adjusters? Should I walk away at a max of £200, and see if they fold?
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Do research on their website into the prices paid by journalists and customers mentioned in articles. They will charge you as much as they can get away with. Also, I'll second Dr. B: know EXACTLY what you want. Bring notes with all the details and structural elements you require. Also, try to get them to throw in a shirt or two if you aren't completely satisfied with the final price. I ordered 6 shirts from them and I'm very happy with them. Good construction, pattern matching, buttons, and collars. Again, I can't stress how important it is to tell them EXACTLY what you want. Depending on the material, I think you should be able to walk out of there with that suit for £200. They like to charge a premium for good fabrics. I'd come in at about £150 and take the back and forth from there. Let us know how it goes.
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Thanks guys, this sort of practical advice based on experience is what makes me come back to this forum. I will finalise my requirements this weekend, make a clear list and negotiate hard.
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Here are some pics of the garments I have from Raja. What do you think? [url=""] [url="http[/url]
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looks great. The tan jacket especially is extremely flattering and has a nice silhouette. You got a bargain.
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Tan jacket looks nice. The pictures of the suit don't seem to indicate much of a silhouette. But congrats on your purchase. Anyone who goes to the effort and cost of having things bespoke for them is alright in my book. And thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for the comments. Any other opinions? I'll have to think twice about taking the time to post pictures in the future.   I have to say, I think the pockets sit too low to the bottom of the jacket after the alteration, so I'll be wearing them tucked in, as they're double-besomed. (edited for clarity)
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I like the tan jacket a bit more than the navy windowpane. The tan jacket appears to have more waist suppression which I like and I'm not sold on the angle of the peak lapel on the navy jacket. That said, I do think the proportions of the trousers on the navy suit are well-balanced with the jacket and it looks quite good overall. It's hard for me to get a good sense of scale from the pictures so I can't tell if the jackets looks long as you mention. The shirt is a little loose for my tastes but you may prefer it like that. Were it my shirt, I would ask for the sleeve circumference to be smaller to better fit my arm. Thanks for posting the pics. Overall, it looks to me like you got some great value for your money. dan
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