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Grenson Updates & Markdowns

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Grenson updates and further markdowns are up and ready, hope there are some styles people are still looking for. Updates and Markdowns
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Some nice shoes you've got there. Thanks for posting the update. It's helpful for those of us contemplating totally unnecessary shoe purchases.
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Spur of the moment people I love.
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Some good sty;es returned in 10 1/2 C and one lace in an 11D.
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I just got FAR too excited, thinking Chris had posted about another reduction. Why can't I spell today? Champagne. office closing for the year.
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the 10.5 c were returned by me and they are GORGEOUS. Just too skinny for 10.5 / 11D feet -sz
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I pm'd you Chris about the 10.5 C's
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Chris - Thanks for sending the four pairs of Grenson to Hong Kong. I absolutely love them. Great value as well. I have sent you a private messege regarding a small problem I have with one of the pairs.
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Chris, The Bennie's website has the following on the Grenson's page, from a message you posted there in mid-December I think: "Guys, 2 things, first of all, looking good for another shipment in Jan. or Feb. depending on the location of the shipping warehouse, if from NY, mid-Jan, if from London mid-Feb....these dates are for sure from our resource...and it looks to be actual size runs on this order." Do you know more now about when the shipment will be in? Thanks
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Yes, inquiring minds do want to know. Would much prefer to purchase some Grenson's than any other planned pairs...
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Should have an closer idea in about 5 days, I talked to the vendor this afternoon, and we should know by Thursday hopefully. It is looking somewhat like Mid-Feb.
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Chris, Do you have an update as to the "when" and the "what" of the shipment? Thanks. Still projected to be online on the bennie's website in about 3 weeks?
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At this point, "Who knows"....we are still waiting on Grenson to ship and inform...until that happens, I have not got a clue....they are taking thier sweet English time.
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Anything? Anything? Can they ship more Henry Maxwells?
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I want my Grensons.
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