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It seems to me that most of these verbal abortions are popular among 30-somethings. If there's one group less likable than 30-somethings one would have to invent it. At least with teenagers you get existential angst.
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Not entirely on topic, but Americans who say "second of all".

Repeat after me: First of all, secondly, thirdly,.......,last of all.
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Originally Posted by dusty View Post
Fora, I don't care how correct it is.

Especially when it's used incorrectly. In fact, any overly-Latin word used incorrectly, or any "fancy" form of a word used incorrectly. Like "whom" where "who" is correct, etc. I'm getting off the buzzword track though.

Personally, "leverage" (is that even a verb?) has got to be one of the worst.
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I get mailings for the San Francisco Symphony. Its conductor is Michael Tilson Thomas; however, they style it as MTT. You should hear it used in a conversation.
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Originally Posted by acidicboy View Post

i had been thinking this since i first read the thread
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Originally Posted by Corinthian

This is especially galling because it's so often used to mean '180'. I've had this conversation more than once:

Idiot: "...and then he did a complete 360!"
Me: "So he's in the same position as before!"
Idiot: "Whadaya...wait, what?" (cue mouthbreathing, exeunt, curtain, applause)

I also hate:
all the -gate compounds (Hillarygate, NAFTA-gate, etc.)
"viral marketing"
all the fake -ize buzzwords, of which the biggest offender is "incentivize"
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Cop Chill I need those in my life (referring to shoes/shirt/jeans) Or most any slang that falls out of a 13-30 year olds mouth.
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Those aren't buzzwords. Slang does not equal buzzwords. The ones I hate: Information superhighway Artisan
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Change management
Business logic
Knowledge worker
Social competence
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I am particularly irritated by "to grow" when used in a sentence such as "We plan to grow our business by 30% this year." What's wrong with saying "increase", for example? Using "grow" in the sense of "grow the firm" not only sounds awkward, it also seems to have pervaded virtually all corporate press releases that I read nowadays.
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free trade
anything associated with yoga, such as 'centered'.
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insource / outsource ... fuck it... <anything>source touch base bleeding edge verticals growth upskill downsize synergy bring to the table -- thanks Apprentice, kills me every time step up to the plate And I'm on the fence about Web 2.0
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