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Quest for a lilac shirt

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Greetings all, This is my first post here. I have been following these forums with keen interest, and have a question hopefully someone can answer. I am going to attend a wedding for which I wanted to wear a lilac shirt. I know lilac is out of season, but I seem to be having the hardest time finding a simple solid lilac shirt with french cuffs. I found a beautiful Versace tie to go with it, so now my heart's set on this colour. In NYC, I've looked at Saks, BG, Barney's, Bloomingdales, Thomas Pink etc. The only ones I can find are at T&A for $345 (beautiful end on end) and at RLPL for $260. I was really hoping I didn't have to spend that much. Any advice? BTW, this whole thing was precipitated because Janzten didn't come through yet again - I know he's reasonable, but three to four month turnaround time is ridiculous. The wedding is in Delhi, so I will experiment using Vaish. A little competition for Janzten in mail-order shirts may be healthy. Thanks.
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How long before you need the shirt? Do you have time to wait a little while for mail order? This would broaden your options considerably.
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Harvie and Hudson of Jermyn Street do a lilac end-on-end. They are my usual shirtmaker and I can vouch for the quality. They ship to the US, and their website is here: Harvie & Hudson If you cannot find one in a shop locally, try them.
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Thanks J, ViroBono. J: I have little over a week, so I suppose if I ordered it today it could arrive in time. I could also arrange for it to be sent to someone else who is flying out to Delhi on Dec 16th, which is surely enough time. Did you have any particular mail order sites in mind that I could try? ViroBono: Thanks for the tip, I will call them.
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Tyrwitt came to mind immediately because of your stated price range and their options and easy availability, but I don't know if you will have the time to get one from them. I'm not sure if they are still having the 50% off sale that was discussed a little while back but a search for 'lilac' on the site ( yields several options.
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Paul Frederick has a lilac french cuff which is relatively less expensive and is of decent quality, especially if you are going to use this shirt on an occasional basis. You can order through Amazon.
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TM Lewin from Jermyn Street has several lilac shirts on their website, and they're currently on sale. Try
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These are all good suggestions to me. Since you are on a tight schedule, remember to find time to wash and dry the new shirt once or twice before you wear it at the big event. Perhaps this is obvious to you - sorry for that then.
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All, Thank you very much for your suggestions. I completely forgot about CT, and of course now all their stuff is sold out. I used to order from TM Lewin, but gave up after they consistently bungled my order (wrong sizes, missing items etc.). I think I'll take a gamble and see if someone can tailor one for me in Delhi in the little time I have between my arrival and a wedding. If something decent comes out of it, I'll report back. Harvie & Hudson definitely seem worth trying upon my return. I'm surprised there isn't more discussion about them.
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I don't suppose you are lucky enough to be a size 15 neck? This shirt looks perfect.
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