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Originally Posted by Shikar View Post
And i just returned one cos they sent me 2 pairs of black 11.5D Grants!!!


Funny. A couple hours after my post, I called up polo and they just had received an 11.5 black Grants. I ordered it, but once again, was told that they were not guaranteed...yet.
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For any 11.5s who missed the sale, a pair of Darlton Wingtips on Ebay currently at $95 with 1 day left.
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They were not guaranteed since possibly a shoe salesman might've had another client put a hold on them

When I saw the EG Montgomery posted on this forum last week, I fell in love only to be told there is one shoe my size in the system...only to find out it was gone according to a pair of different sales persons

Well I just walked in and asked for it anyway and another sales person brought it out

He said its on hold for some one and has been such for the past month

Since I was ready, willing and able to purchase it, they gave it up and I got out before they changed their minds

I hope this information helps
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There is a sz 11 Montgomery avail...just no 11.5...dammit!!

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