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Armani Black Label

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Is this black label? I don't know Armani labels well at all, but what line is this auction? Or is it simply a fake? I just can't see it being anything other than Black Label or a fake -- but it seems odd that this seller would have several Black Label pieces at this price.
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My guess is that it's a fake. The font in the Black Label looks off (too thick lettering); I don't think the lining in Black Label suits has the eagle; the pockets are flap, not besom. It's kinda hard to see the hanging tag in the big picture from that angle, but it's pretty clearly the wrong kind. Pass and move on. EDIT: Took a look at the seller's other auctions. If the suits are anything like this one, then they're definitely fake, they're definitely awful-look fakes, and they definitely should be left behind and forgotten.
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Certainly looks to be a very bad fake. The fabric content sewn-in label is missing Vestimenta SPA. All of my Black label have this.
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Give it a pass.
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Yeah, I wasn't going to bid on it anyways -- if I did, it would be to flip it. But I just happened to see it during a quick search and was a little bewildered. Thanks, guys.
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Why does the jacket lining have empirio armani logo to it?
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I'm no expert but the Armani eagle is usually used only on the Emporio line. None of the stuff from the Collezioni line that I own has it and I don't recall ever seeing it on the Borgonouvo line (forgive the spelling if it's wrong).
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Yes, the eagle is the Emporio line logo and has nothing to do with the GA black label.
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Fake. Apart from reasons above, the Giorgio Armani label seems stuck on to an Emporio label with the Eagle.. GA suits don't have embroidered linings. The name "Giorgio Armani" labels are sewn/woven not printed like in this one.
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report it. I did.
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That's an older tag. The newer tags (from about 2000 onward, at least) are larger, the fabric closer to a square, and the "Borgonuovo 21" is spaced farther from the "Giorgio Armani" , which is centered, more or less.
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Hopefully all you style experts can help me in determining the authenticity of an Armani Borgnuovo 21 Black Label Suit that I'm looking at. I've just gotten into the whole business style thing only about a week ago so I'm still very much a novice. Below is a picture of the tags from the suit. I certainly appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks.
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