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La article in latest gq

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I love it when even Glen O'Brien has to tip his hat to the laidback westcoast style. And I love the line in his article to the effect that in L.A. only the servants wear suits. I also like his setting the record straight. Cool headgear is still big in L.A., but trucker caps are only worn in the valley, the West Coast equivalent of Hoboken. And so in the spirit of people all across the country having a meeting of minds in California, I suggest that you pick up a cool jacket from Cloak (a NYC label) a pair of jeans from AB fits (in S.F. North Beach,) an Elvis belt as you go through Nashville, a really bad t-shirt (the only thing you'll be able to afford at that point) after a couple on nights in Vegas, and a pair of sneakers at Neo 39 (in Pasadena), and all join up for a drink and a joke at Barefoot (on 3rd St. just past the Beverly Center.)
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Lets meet somewhere in the midwest. There was some... uh... unpleasantness in sacto. I can never go back.
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I love Cloak. Their jackets, and coats simply are very well cut. Their cloaks as well.
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