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Affordable Alterations tailor in DC

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Hi Guys! I'm new to the forum, but i've since purchased a couple really nice suits from local thrift stores and consignment shops recommended on this site (THANKS!). Now i need to get them altered. The jackets all fit me in the shoulders, but id like to have them cut so that they're more fitting in the waist etc. I'd prefer to have the suits altered to be more slim fitting. Is there an affordable tailor that can do this in DC. Ive run the search and the fields name keeps coming up, but i saw where one guy said he spend about 300 getting his suit altered. I cant justify spending that kinda money on a suit i bought for about 25 dollars. also, ima student! any help you guys can offer would be much appreciated. thanks!
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I can tell you not to go to Kim's Tailoring in Pentagon City. She's good, but not cheap. I've spent about $100-$180 per suit (depending on what needs to be done) to get them tailored, but I'm also kinda picky. Shirts are $35, btw.

I'd suggest checking out your local dry cleaner. If your needs aren't too extensive, they may fit the bill and might be pretty cheap too.

Talk to co-workers, fellow students and people around where you live for suggestions too.

PS: What consignment store did you find mens clothing in? You could also ask them too.
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Had a couple minor alterations done at Schwartz Tailoring (5122 Leesburg Pike) in Alexandria. No complaints and prices were reasonable.
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One (former) suggestion would be Sauro's Custom Tailoring, but I'm sorry to report that his shop is now closed on 19th Street. Anybody have alternatives to suggest in the downtown area?
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You could try Christopher Kim's, but I don't think he is that much cheaper than Field's.
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Originally Posted by scnupe7 View Post
You could try Christopher Kim's, but I don't think he is that much cheaper than Field's.

correct. Fields is excellent but pricey. His prices are in Kim's range, if not slightly higher.

I would avoid drycleaners as they usually just do trouser waist/hem and rarely alter a coat.

what consignment shop did you get the suits at?
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You may want to try London Tailor in Bethesda. Excellent work and not quite as expensive as Fields/Christopher Kim's (though not cheap). By the way, I had a very poor experience recently at Reed's Custom Tailor in Arlington. Expensive, surly and didn't do that good a job.
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I had a few responses back when I was looking for NOVA. In the end I went to Best Custom out in fairfax. If you know where microcenter is off nutley, his shop is across the street (66 to nutley, then one mile down and left from nutley rather than straight into the shopping center). Did a very good job narrowing down a canali sportcoat and even put working buttonholes on. Cost of the buttonholes was 65 I believe. Just narrowing down the sportcoat was probably ~50-70 bucks with another 20 for shortening my sleeves.
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Realistically for a 25 dollar suit, I would consider just taking them to a K&G. They have decent production tailors nothing fancy, a step above dry cleaning tailors. Unless you scored a very expensive suit from the thrift store I wouldn't break the bank.
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Thanks for the suggestions, i may actually just try the K&G. I do wanna get the jackets on the suits fitted, to get the whole GQ look/effect outta the suits. They're nice suits (at least to me) I've got one hickey freeman, a william fox and co., 2 brooks brothers, and a hugo boss. You think K&G could handle these? the suits fit well in the shoulders, i just want to slim them down and make them more modern/stylish etc. is it possible to just have the pants hemmed for cheap at K&G or something and take the jackets somewhere else for a premium? or should i have it all done together?

I found all of these at either the value village on university drive in md, towards college park, or at second chance a consignment shop in bethesda. the consignment shop has really nice stuff, but the selection is really small, (1 rack) so if your like me, (40r, 32 waist 32 inseem) it may be harder to find your size because its rather common. But the suits there are all around a 100 or so, but they're armani, boss, etc. in good condition. The double V requires a lil more work as im sure u guys know, but i was able to find some really good stuff there with some work.

On a side note, i wanna thank you guys for you help and all the knowledge i've gotten from the site in the short time i've been a member. A couple months ago i'd have been ignorant to a hickey freeman and would have looked rite past a bespoke william fox and co. so thanks!
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I've used Willams the Tailor over by GWU (on 21st St, I think) for basic alterations. They seemed to do good work and weren't that expensive.
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C&Y Tailors in Cleveland Park is pretty good and cheaper than Christopher Kim's, whom I went to for years. In between the Coldstone Creamery and Indique.
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K&G can do waist suppression, and most simple alterations. For a person on a tight budget it's a decent alternative. I'm heading to Field's now for over 300.00 in alterations, but you get what you pay for. When you start paying a certain amount for suits you'll be able to afford the higher alteration costs.
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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post
I've used Willams the Tailor over by GWU (on 21st St, I think) for basic alterations. They seemed to do good work and weren't that expensive.

Williams is gone and there's a new guy there now. He isn't very good, in my experience. I wouldn't trust him to do anything more than hem pants.
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I definitely aspire to be able to afford paying for fields to alter my suits, however at the moment, it just doesn't seem like the most responsible use of money. I am interested in getting some shirts altered as well, to take them from the traditional box cut to a more slim fit. any recommendations on where to get this done and how much it may cost me?
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