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Z Zegna: Thoughts

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Anyone have any thoughts on Z Zegna as compared to the normal Zegna, with regards to suits and sport coats. Wait.. I'm sure you all have thoughts!
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Fused and made in Mexico. I know a few SF members, however, like the fit.
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There was a discussion of the different Zegna lines a little while back; you might trying looking for that thread in the archives.
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It is geared to a younger customer, more fashion forward, trimmer fits, etc. It is made in a Zegna factory located in Mexico, but it's also about a third less than the mainline ($995 - $1200 for a suit compared to $3000 for EZ). It's not a question of comparison, but what you are looking for in terms of fit and style. You will find a lot of similarities in fabrics because both lines are made with Zegna's own fabrics. They take more risk with fabric composition in the Z line.

As for fit, the jackets have a higher armhole, suppressed waist, and are cut shorter. There are two styles, City fit and Drop 8, with the latter being the slimmest of the two. The City Fit is in between the mainline and Drop 8 in regards to fit. All of the pants are flat front.
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As others have said Z Zegna is fused and made in Mexico. The fabrics and styling is quite nice. But it doesnt quite have the same feel as mainline Zegna (Sartorial or Couture) or whatever they call it now. I did see a few weeks ago some Z Zegna coats that featured a very soft almost unpadded shoulder and if not for the price I would have bought one. I think these coats are denoted by the words "light" just under the Z Zegna label.
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I am not the biggest fan of the Z. line..however I also noticed that many of my E. Zegna items are also made all over Eurpoe...NOT ITALY.
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I prefer zegna sport to z zegna
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I purchased a houndstooth sport jacket at a heavy discount last Christmas and I'm happy with it, considering the price. I don't think its something I'd ever want to pay full-price for. Someone also mentioned the shoulders have little padding, this is very true, I don't think mine has any at all, but the fit is great overall. Although I should mention that the fit is a bit small, I purchased a 36 in Z Zegna and it fits exactly like a Puprle Label cotton sport coat in 38.
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I have two Z Zegna suits. I think that if you can get them on sale, I got them at a Bloomingdales 40 percent off, they are worth it if you like the fit.
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Construction is ehhhh...
Fit is great however and can be found at deep discount.

I like it and I am aware or quality of what I am buying
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Z does have a softer construction than the main line as previously mentioned. There is also a "Light Fit" which is deconstructed with no shoulder padding and usually unlined.

The Ermenegildo Zegna line is fantastic and a great brand. The Z line fits me better, it's more modern, and more my speed. I don't compare the two, other than the similarity in fabric.
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A bad purchase at full retail, a decent purchase at steep discount.

As 'slim' suits go, I am still pretty disappointed in the cut. The jacket was pretty full and needed quite a nip to get good suppression.
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Originally Posted by rjmaiorano View Post
A bad purchase at full retail, a decent purchase at steep discount.

As 'slim' suits go, I am still pretty disappointed in the cut. The jacket was pretty full and needed quite a nip to get good suppression.

If you're looking a slim-fitting suits at that full-retail price point, it's probably as good as or slightly better than any other options out there.
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I bought one a while ago, ridiculously long coat but otherwise a decent fit and seemed like nice quality and construction. However, after drycleaning, it's looking like crap, the fabric wore very poorly and the fusing hasn't come out well either. I'd give it a miss.
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Hugo Boss on steroids.
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