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What's a good choice in winter headwear?

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Looking for something stylish. Considering cashmere skully/beanie or a wool bucket hat. Any suggestions.
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I just picked up a black 100% cashmere watch cap (beanie) for $17 and a camel wool felt driving cap for ~$15 at Marshalls. Along with my old soft herringbone wool cap and my black wool Kangol cap, that will probably do it for me this winter. If it gets any colder than about 20F I start pulling out the technical stuff, polypropylene etc. I did see a nice rabbit fur "Canada eh" (for lack of better description) hat with ear flaps etc. at TJMaxx for ~$20 but I would never try to pull that off.
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How about an ambassador hat in Persian lamb?
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I picked up a virgin wool beanie from Moncler this past summer.  I have no idea about the retail on this hat, but its super warm, about as soft as a BR cashmere beanie I had in the past, and fits my 7" noggin perfectly. NCT
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How about an ambassador hat in Persian lamb?
I second the ambassador idea. I have an ambassador hat in black Persian lamb. I also have an ambassador variation with a flat top instead of a peaked top in brown persian lamb. I love them both. I've got no hair, so I've got to wear a hat of some sort to keep my head warm. You can get them on ebay at decent prices. Kai
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I second the black cashmere watch cap. I also rely heavily on a tweed cap (brown and cream herringbone) and a waterproof travel fedora (Borsalino). But, for an emergency I carry a "Boina" -- the basque beret -- it's flat, so it stows easily and is highly water-resistant. It also manages to look particularly good with my DB long camel hair coat.
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I wear an ambassador. I also want to get a big mink hat - saw some great ones in russia so next year that is my goal.
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i've been alternating between a black Kangol Trilby, which, slightly small on my head has gotten me more compliments than any piece of clothing i own and the Prada wool/cashmere watch cap, which has a nylon lining to provide for waterproofness..
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This Kangol wool pull on seems pretty understated & well-proportioned. I'm thinking of getting 1 or 2 in either the flannel (gray), black or dark blue. http://www.amazon.com/exec....=glance
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those are great, mine looks almost identical to that, but doesn't have ear flaps, and they are missed.
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yeah, it's more of a functional recommendation but you might want to consider something that covers your ears. -Jeff
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Here's an Ambassador hat on ebay: Hat I bought one from this seller a little while ago, and it's pretty nice. It's kept me warm during the recent snowstorm. BTW, I have no affiliation with the seller. There are cheaper used ones on ebay, but I don't like the idea of wearing a hat that has been on someone else's sweaty head.
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A Cubavera is pretty cool,sort of a softer beat up looking fedora.
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