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Favorite Cafes

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An offshoot of the "favorite cities" thread, let's talk about our favorite cafes in the world... Four of mine are in Vienna: Cafe Central: A ton of history, how can you not like a cafe where Trotsky used to have discussions and many grand masters used to sip coffee over a game of chess? The food and coffee are top notch as well, wonderful melanges. Demel's: The former confectionist of the Hapsburg empire, Demel's is a wonderful place to enjoy a great cup of hot chocolate or melange and a wonderful dessert. They also have a great lunch menu, including a ridiculously good Beef Wellington. Cafe Meriei: This cafe sitting on top of the gloriette overlooking Schloss Schonbrunn has decent food and coffee, but what a view. Starbucks (at Millenium Center and on Stepensplatz): I know, I know, but these two Starbucks are very different from their US brethren, they have melanges and schlagobers, serve them in nice ceramic mugs, and have great locations, Millenium center is right in the middle overviewing the Danube, and the Stephensplatz branch is kitty-corner from the Opera House... great place. Paris: There was a nice place that is across the street from Pont Neuf in Chatelet that had nice coffee and good salmon pizza as well.
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Tryst, in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC.  Clearly modeled after Central Perk from "Friends," but a great place to hang out nonetheless.  Packed seven days a week.
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The Mala Cavana (Little Cafe) in Zagreb is interesting and offers a good view of the main square; very Third Man. It's famous for the little bars of chocolate that accompany the coffee, each with one of many views of the city on the wrapper. Heinemann's in Dusseldorf is excellent. Most German cafes have a range of cakes and pastries, but Heinemann's seem extra special. The Cafe Americain (at the Hotel Americain) in Leidseplein, Amsterdam, is an fine example of art deco. Since being taken over by Best Western or some similar Philistine organisation it's not as good as it was, but it remains one of my favourites for a quick lunch or a leisurely cup of hot chocolate on a winter day.
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Cafe Milano, Berkeley
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Sant Ambroeus - NYC
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There was a nice cafe in Prague too, kinda near the Old Town Square, but I don't recall the name,
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Blondie's in Montreal. Petit Gourmet in Toronto (Rosedale)
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The Romanisches cafe in Weimar Berlin.
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Cafe Dommayer in Hietzing, Vienna, near Schoenbrunn Palace (the nearby Cafe Bawag, too, for that matter). La Palette, Cafe du Metro, Cafe de la Nouvelle Mairie in Paris. I always end up at Le Flore during a visit even though it's a soulless tourist hellhole. Cafe Fanny in Berkeley. Ocean Coffee Roasters. Ceci-Cela in NYC. Esmeralda Bookstore in Del Mar (RIP).
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verebono, where is hiennmans? on the Ko? I am not familiar with that one.
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Globetrotter Heinemann's is just off the Ko. If you are on the opposite side of the road to Galeria Kaufhof, there is a row of shops (which I think includes Prada); the cafe is in a little square behind. It can also be accessed from an arcade, the name of which I have forgiotten, but which has a man's shop on the corner that looks promising but is actually disappointing.
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Kramerbooks and Afterwords, in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington, DC.  A Washington institution, it is open all night Fridays and Saturdays.  It serves dinner late, but you're better off trying one of the yummy desserts.
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VB, wre you based in Dusseldorf when HM's forces were there?
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I really liked Café Beaubourg in Paris, at Centre Pompidou. I wasn't particularly keen on the interieur etc. But the terrace was really nice. Great coffee and a pretty good selection in wines and champagnes.
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cafe empirial in Prague, probrably the most beutiful cafe I know. walls are covered in colored tiles, the cafe dates from the dying days of the autro-hungarian empire. horrible food, good coffe, ok cakes, excellent beer. all smoking, but with a small play area for kids so that you can have your beer and cigar and keep an eye on your kids, very civillized. municipal center cafe, prague. gorguos building. good coffee. great people watching. cafe pruckel in vienna - old, comfortable, great windows so taht you can watch the world go by. great crowd, the herald tribune on a frame. they serve great coffee in little glasses, and no matter how much (or little) coffee you order, they will give you a fresh little glass of water every hour. demel - drzzt mentioned sprungli in zurich - maybe the best cakes, anywhere. strict sexy waitressess in long dresses and aprons cafe tamar in tel aviv - a totally different ballgame. 70-80 year old cafe, in a bohmeian old neighborhood, formica tables and a palm tree growing in the middle, old waitresses who are characters, bad coffee and simple food, a great crowd of all the intersting people you could wish for.
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