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Bullock & Jones SF Store

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I noticed yesterday evening that there is once again a Bullock & Jones store in San Francisco. It was closed, but I did peek in the windows. It's probably not its old self, looked like the merchandise could be the standard catalogue fare, but there was a pair of Zegna Napoli Couture shoes in the window which was encouraging (those are too high-end for the catalogue.) Anybody been inside yet??
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I saw it when I was there a couple weeks ago but it said "opening soon" I guess it is open now.
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same location?
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Hopefully they will have retained their prior standards. I own a Bullock and Jones jacket which I purchased from the Boston Filene's; the quality of the jacket is simply superb. It is rust-red, quarter-lined, and made from LP super 120. Out of interest, AHarris, do you know who used to make their jackets?
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And to think that after reading the Club Tie thread I thought that SF store meant Style Forum store... JJF
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