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Has anyone on the forum had any experience with a Ravazzolo suit. One of the local retailers started carrying this brand recently. I've only seen their ad in Esquire magazine,and did a search of the name on this forum,and nothing came up. Any info?
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I was actually gonna do a simliar post asking about them a few days ago cause i saw them at a store, but got side tracked. You have probibly already done this but the website has some information on them. http://www.ravazzolo.it
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Thanks,hadn't seen the website. Looks as if they put some good workmanship in their suits. The prices that are at the retailer near me was more than a Canali,but somewhat less that Zegna(depending on the line,of course). Overall,a real nice suit..
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Nice suits, comparable in terms of quality to Belvest, though they are more structured. Definitely a better suit than Zegna. A quick search may turn up a few threads, they have been praised here before.
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As a retailer I have four years experience with Ravazzolo. They are by far the best suit in their price range. I carried Pal Zileri, Brioni and Kiton and did 95% of my MTM with Ravazzolo. I have also been to the factory close to Vicenza and came away impressed. There strongest point is their consistancy and their very well thought out distribution. It is amazing to me that some of the big name retailers are "snowed" by bigger names and are not carrying a name on the merit of quality.
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dutch: are you Auke H? if so, your website doesn't work speaking of ravazollo, in a recent robb report they had a big spread on different clothing and somewhere in there was a listing of contacts w/ a small picture of a guy wearing a check sportcoat w/ all kinds of red and oranges in there. did you get this piece in?
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Here are links to past discussions regarding this brand (I have fond memories of Ravazzolo) Styleforum discussion 1 Styleforum discussion 2
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