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Hello. It was either here or on Ask Andy that someone recommended Paula's Leather ( as a source for briefcases. I just had a very suspicious experience with them and was wondering if anyone else had actually bought from this outfit. I suggested to my wife that she buy me one of their briefcases for Christmas, especially as they were being advertised on the web site as being 50% off as part of a "Christmas Sale". When she contacted them, however, they said they were out of stock on what I wanted until January and tried to sell her another model. This was a good 2-3 weeks pre-Thanksgiving. I suggested that she ask for a rain check on the sale price, but they refused. Today, the sale is still being advertised on their site. This strikes me as a particularly suspcious experience reminiscent of used car lots who advertise great deals, yet always seem to have just sold the last low price model and only have expensive vehicles to sell you. Out of stock on a Christmas sale 3 weeks pre-Thanksgiving and still advertising it, but not giving rain checks? Very odd. Anyone else buy from these people? Did you have good or bad experiences?