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Any Black Friday deals?

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Any Black Friday deals?
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Filene's Basement (Connecticut Avenue, DC) is having a 40% off sale of selected suits and a 25% off sale of all other suits over $249.99.  Plus, they are giving away scratch off cards from 6 AM until noon with an additional discount that will be revealed at the register.  I picked up a Canali suit this morning for $450 (50% off original price of $900 = 40% marked discount + 10% additional discount).
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I did well today. Brioni cotton trousers - $85 ($250 retail) 2 pairs Bally brown suede wingtips - $100 each ($350 retail) Zegna dress shirt - $20 (~$150 retail) 2 Brooks Brothers casural shirts - $40 each Brooks Brothers woman's tan wool and cashmere overcoat - $200 The Brioni pants fit me like bespoke. They are now the best fitting pants I own. BB overcoat was the best deal of all. Outlet price was $400; store had additional 40% off outerwear, then I got them to take an extra 10% off because of a loose thread; then an extra 20% off earlybird special. It's a beautiful coat. Zegna shirt was on the 90% off rack because of a small ink mark on the collar that will almost certainly come out at the cleaners. Saks Off 5th had dozens and dozens Oxxfords, many Brionis. Too bad none my size. I'm such a hard size to find. Ridiculous lines outside of many stores that didn't even have early bird specials: Prada, Gucci, Coach, Burberry, DKNY, Chanel, among others. I have no idea why you would freeze in one of those lines... All in all, a great day.
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I got a wireless router for $30 and the remasted Modest Mouse CD for $7.
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The newly renovated MOMA = FREE. MoMA makes the Tate Modern look like a concrete parking garage... Watch literature @ Tourneau (still searching...) = FREE. One day, Santa is going to bring me a Glashutte or a JLC Reverso Duo in 18k WG... until then Fossil will do.
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I didn't do much shopping today, just a nice cashmere overcoat from Off 5th in their house brand for $180...
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Short of their "special" times, does places like Neiman's, Saks, Barney's regular stores have holiday sales? stevo
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no, but their 'special' sales often coincide with end of the year holidays. For example, Saks and NM will both have sales going for Turkey Day and Xmas weeks.
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Norcal, I just got the Wempe catalog in the mail today--not sure how I got on their mailing list (perhaps it's my dozen Lange's? ) but it's great watch porn. I would suggest picking it up . ..
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Today = a cashemere navy jumper with 86% off......
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Got a grey flannel SB suit, w/ticket pocket from RL for approx $400. Pics will be posted next week.
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