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if you dont mind me asking, what frames did you buy. i tried on the Spirit T61 frame in store and loved them, however I have found alot more spirit 54's on ebay. There is a slight difference in the thickness of the frame's arms.

Looking forward to the pics. I'm falling in love with Lindberg even more
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I just got a pair of Lindberg rimless, loved them at first, but have unfortunately found them to be quite fragile.


The design is clever and flawed, press fitting wire into plastic with some glue can't stand up to everyday use.




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I bought a pair of Lindberg spectacles three years ago. The frames were expensive, costing about U$800 and then I bought high quality photochromic lenses which about doubled the total cost. One of the arms of the frame broke where it attaches to the lens. It looks like simple metal fatigue. I took it back for repair and was told that the list price for a replacement arm was US$280, which I was prepared to pay, but the distributor would only sell me a whole frame set at US$800. I contacted Lindberg to ask them to sell me a replacement arm. They informed me that they no longer manufacture my frame and they do not keep stock of spare parts. Amazing that their distributor where I live is still selling this frame then. With a pair of glasses costing this much money, I do expect them to last significantly longer than 3 years (I did not play sports in them or subject them to any stress) and I do expect some after sales support for when things go wrong. My experience purchasing Lindberg has been extremely disappointing. 

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