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Necktie lengths

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I find a decent number of neckties to be a bit long for me.  I'm 5'8", so many Brioni, Italo Ferretti and other neckties are long for me.  Maybe 80% of us can wear standard-length neckties, but then 20% of us need longer or shorter ties.  My guess is that a 54" tie might be best for me. Just wondered what length is right for the rest of you.
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What's standard length?
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What's standard length?
j: There is no standard length for ties. Most "regular" ties are 52 to 58 inches long and "Long or Tall" sizes exceed that length. Ties should end within the area of the belt buckle (not above and not below). Andy
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I guess standard(maybe more appropriately "average" may be around 56."
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Well, I don't know my "size" but "regular" ties fit me. Some I have to tie differently but the most they ever do is have both ends even. Never had a problem with one being too long.
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I think most ties aren't long enough. Can you guys even get a full Windsor with most of your ties?
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Ties are nearly ALWAYS long enough -- the problem is that the fastening loop isn't always placed in the correct spot to MAKE the tie long enough while ensuring that the small end is fastened. I recently corrected this flaw by stitching myself a new tie loop a couple inches up from where the original one resided. This demands a very delicate touch, but with a little practice, it's possible. With this particular tie, I couldn't tie a windsor and have the little end of the tie go into the fastening loop. Now, it works perfectly.
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I don't use the full Windsor. A half- is big enough for me.
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