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Originally Posted by GHo View Post

Interesting. I saw that above but no one really "confirmed".
So these ties are up to Drake's standards? I really like that chocolate tie at less than $40.

Yeah I was in there a couple months ago for their warehouse sale and all of their neat and patterned ties were made by Drake's according to the SA I was talking to. I know Spoo spelled out which were and which were not Drake's when the sale was on but I can't hunt that thread down for some reason.

Either way for under $40 I'm not sure why you don't just pull the trigger. IMO ties are like pocket squares. If you like then buy. You're not buying a suit or a pair of black cap toes that will likely feel your wrath hundreds of times throughout their lives. For a tie, if you like it and the price is right then I say buy. Sometimes we get too caught up in "quality" and "craftsmanship" when it isn't that crucial... myself included shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by bourbonbasted View Post

Contrary to nmoraitis' post above, most of Ben Silver's non regimental/university ties are made by Drake's. Or at least that's what their SAs tell me...

I don't know about "most," but a fair number are.  I think the chocolate shantung is one of them.


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Most of their ties are not made by Drakes but the ones they sell for around $135 are.

A Drakes tie costs the same at wholesale with or without the Drakes label, and no merchant can sell them for $85.

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The vast majority of Ben Silvers dont have a maker or even a country of manufacture on the label. The drakes are a small % of their offering.

My guess is a US maker. They do use English silks for the vast majority if their ties.
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