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Originally Posted by grimslade View Post
A further choice of suspended pants (with pleats of course) would be gravy.

I have all of my brace trousers made with flat fronts. I got my tailor to copy a vintage circa Edwardian era pair which I own. I wouldn't have it any other way.
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This is what i look for. Choice of pants made for braces or without. Buttons instead of zipper, flat front, cuffed and uncuffed, a small credit card pocket(where a watch pocket should be on pants-this is just my pref), i prefer only one back pocket(right ass cheek). you can do straight or slanted pockets. Jacket- Single, or double vented. working flapped pockets on outside, 3 pockets inside( one upper right breast, one upper left breast, one lower left side), working button holes on sleeves, hole in lapel(for a flower or what have you-forgot proper name), 2 or 3 button. i prefer high armholes, and minimal padding.
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I definitely agree with side tabs and a rubberized shirt stay strip for the pants.
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Thank you to all who have responded.

Price is TBD, but likely under $500. These will be RTW - not MTM. We do hope to introduce additional models later - perhaps a 3 rolling to 2 button suit or perhaps a single breasted peak lapel suit as well.
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Under $500!?!?! Sounds like a great deal if it's well done. Heck I'd buy it even without the forum discount at that price.

How can it be that you're able to set the price so low?

Oh yeah, HIGH ARM HOLES!!!!!1111 (sorry, got a little excited there)
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Additionally, when do you think this is going to become available? (I'm ready to buy already, it seems like!)
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If you decide later on a 3 button model, I personally prefer 3 roll 2/12 over 3 to 2.
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I would say :

  • + 1 on the 3 roll to 2 or 2.5 buttons. D
  • Duel Vented
  • Minimally padded shoulders but not in a shirt shoulder way.
  • Split back waist band on trousers.
  • The rubber inside the waist band might be okay
  • Side adjusters, loops and spare buttons to sew in.
  • Pick stitching on the lapels and a nice straight cut or tear dropped buttonhole on the lapel.

All the rest of the details seem pretty standard so + 1 on them too.

I would say single pleat or none. I dont think it matters really. Maybe you could offer a poll to gauge opinion on how many buttons and pleats. I think slanted or ticket pockets go in and out of fashion a lot more than other details so probably best to omit those.
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At the $500 price point, might you consider designing a single breasted peak lapel tux? I bet it would get A LOT of interest from the members here. Currently, nothing like that is available RTW for remotely close to $500.
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I'd suggest a full size run, including hard-to-find sizes at both end of the spectrum (36S, 38L, 46 and above). If you can really deliver well-made, full canvas RTW suits for below $500, I can see you make a killing in those rare sizes alone.
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certainly us skinny guys from the other SF would love smaller size stuff,
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I also like a vested suit...
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Thanks to all for your input and insights - your comments are all very helpful and appreciated.

We are now definitely looking to offer suit separates and offer both flat front as well as pleated trousers - at the very least in solids (navy, black, gray) and will then gauge whether we can offer stripes and plaids in the future. The solids certainly make sense, as solid jackets can be worn as blazers and everyone needs odd trousers in solids as well, and of course this would also satiate the customer who wishes to have 2 pair of trousers with the option of either pleated or flat front. Does anyone out there still wear/prefer double pleated trousers?

We shall see about the more rare sizes (36S, 38L and 50L+) - but honestly we have to cut at least 6 of each size in each fabric. We may consider adding these sizes to our solid suit separates program...

We hope to debut our first line this Fall and our excitement continues to grow! In the mean time, we continue to welcome your input, thoughts and advice.
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My suggestions: - 4 interior pockets. One on the right, 3 on the left. I find the lower pocket is good for tickets, but useless for mobile phones, as they often fall out when sitting. And for those times when I do put my keys in my jacket, I want them seperate to my phone. - The rubber shirt retainer strip in the pants are a fantastic detail. I love them. - Waistcoats. I don't know how it is in the rest of the world, but it's almost impossible to find a waistcoat for a reasonable price is Australia. - Real buttonhole on the lapel. That's probably a no brainer but thought I'd mention it anyway. I'd personally start with an un-cuffed, flat fronted pant, with a double vented 2 button notch lapel jacket . Once you have a base of buyers, I'd definitely move into options like cuffed, pleated and suspender button pants as well as external ticket pockets, and single button, peaked and shawl lapel low gorge dinner jackets. Perhaps even offer 3 button sb, double breasted, peaked lapel and single or no vented jackets too. I commend you on choosing to offer pants and jackets separately. I like having a second pair of pants for my suits, just in case the pants wear out.
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You should definitely incorporate the rubber shirt stay in the pants' waistband. This feature is extremely useful and would cost you nothing extra in labor time/cost if you make it a regular part of production.

HIGH ARMHOLES - No one does this at the price point you are suggesting. If you include high armholes, it is pretty much a certainty that I will be a customer.
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