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I just endured three hours of this Oliver Stone garbage... very dissapointing. I kinda expected "Troy", or an action packed blockbuster with big names playing the key roles. What we got was a bored, tired, conspiracy-theory filled, Oedipus-complex, mamma's boy, three hour lecture about part of Alexander's campaigns and that he was gay... there was two battle scenes in the entire movie. Never mind that he was one of the greatest tactical minds of any generation, never mind that he conquered most of the known world, did you know he was gay? This is quite possibly the worst movie I have seen in the last several years...ugh. <pissed>
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Watch the History Channel documentary. You'll be much more satisfied.
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Watch the History Channel documentary. You'll be much more satisfied.
What a dissapointment... I was really looking forward to this movie, and that's saying alot considering I rarely ever go to the movies. I'll agree with CTGuy and also recommend the History Channel documentary. Too bad it made me want to see the movie even more.
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Bummer. I'd hoped for a good movie.  Thanks for the heads-up.  I was going to go see it tomorrow.  Guess I'll save my $$.   On a bright note, they are taking the book, Gates of Fire, about the Spartans at Thermopylae and turning it into a movie. If the movie is only half as good as the book, then it will be awesome.   If you haven't read Steven Pressfield's Gates of Fire, you really should.  It's an amazingly gripping account of Spartan life and their finest battle.   For the computer gamers out there who want a taste of conquest, I can also recommend Rome, Total War. Play the Selucids, and extend Alexander's empire over the known world.
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Let me second the this.. one of the worst movies I've ever seen and I could barely sit through the whole thing. The shitty storyline was complimented by constant reassuring that alexander was gay, and that for some reason all the macedonians have irish accents... On the bright side the theatre was having problems and couldn't get the beginning of the movie in focus and had to fix it, so we all got a free ticket in return for the inconvenience.
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I unfortunately saw Alexander last Monday, it was free and I think I might ask for my three hours back...The movie had no central narrative arc, the battle scenes just weren't well shot, and I was getting tired of Colin Farrel's longing looks at Jared Leto. Yes Oliver Alexander was gay, get over it. The only bright spot in the whole thing was Rosario Dawson, and even then it wasn't for her acting.... Gates of Fire the movie sound very cool, I'll have to remember that one. Aaron
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Oops. I thought the movie was refering to Alexander Hamilton. That would make a really interesting movie. Not to split hairs, but wasn't Alexander bisexual, and not just gay? But even if we accept Alexander the Great as one of the great tactical generals, he didn't seem like he accomplished that much. Sure, he conquered more land and vanquished more enemies, but his empire split apart with his death. Look at George Washington who wasn't a brilliant general, but who laid the foundations for our country.
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The world was never the same after Alexander, he established centers of learning (Alexandria) and revealed the East to the western world. His smashing of the Persian empire potentially prevented their conquest of Western Europe, and his conquests led to the future success of the Roman empire, which emerged shortly after his demise. I would say he accomplished a fair amount. The movie implies he was gay but married only for politics, but his true love was his "partner" Hephestion.
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The Greeks were for the most part bisexual, alas there are thousands of papers / books / thesis / etc... written on the subject so I won't bother with it... Alas to say, I thank you all for persuading me to avoid the movie and just waiting for it to come out on HBO. Jon.
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I went to see "Sideways" instead. Great movie. You'd think by now people would get the hint and know these huge blockbuster movies are always, always, always a waste money and time.
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Yes, everyone, listen to Alexis and go see Sideways. Oddly appropriate for us lot.
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yes this movie sucked
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Impressive thread resurrection. Three years old could be a new record.
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Originally Posted by javyn View Post
yes this movie sucked

Dude, you need a hobby.

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Was it really necessary to bump a two year old thread to tell us that?
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