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I have the same issue as Stu - Try Phoenix, AZ in the summer when it's 120-degrees outside and doesn't even cool down at night (it's still often 90-100 degrees at 11:00 p.m.) As unstylish as they may be, shorts are the only way to go and khakis when you must wear long pants. Bradford
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Yeah Bradford, but it's a dry heat (VBG) BTW: Do you ever cringe when you hear that cliche?
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What, nobody mentioned velure?  Definitely a look that I want stopped, especially on everyone, but especially on middle-aged women paired with smoke aviators or rimless sunglasses.
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Does anyone know the origin of tassels on shoes?  Are they strictly ornamental or did they once serve some pragmatic function?
For all of you who like and for all who dislike the tassel loafer, here is an article about its history: And an example of the English origin, which has the tassel attached to the laces:
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Yeah Bradford, but it's a dry heat (VBG)  BTW:  Do you ever cringe when you hear that cliche?
I always cringe - and then I point out that so is a blast furnace - which is what it can feel like some days. Even so - I wouldn't live anywhere else. Bradford
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Some looks I hate is the "grunge" look that is popular with certain high schoolers. Also the baggy look with the gangster rap context. Other looks that I despise is when people try to make their clothes look like they put them on in a hurry or perhaps without coordination. For example really clashing colours and styles sort of a la vintage Vivienne Westwood. The thing is that these people put so much effort into these ensembles, and that a lot of people are doing them so the whole rebellion thing has gone. The trying to dress up nice but failing horribly is another style that really is repulsive. I once saw this person at a wedding who wore this ill knotted tie, wrinkled button down collar shirt, khakis, and some type of Ecco like shoes in brown with a mundane black belt. All this is topped off with this bad fitting cheap blue blazer.
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Lightweight wool is a good option. Wool can be extremely warm or it can be extremely breezy. Furthermore, breezy and opaque are not mutually exclusive. Linen, as mentioned works very well. Another option is loose-fitting cotton. I guess gowns are kind of out unless you're on a business trip to Dubai or something, but in extreme heat they work well. However, note that many businessmen on the Indian subcontinent and West Africa, where things get REALLY hot and a/c is often not present, wear polyester trousers. No, I don't quite understand how they do manage, either. Peace, JG
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The trying to dress up nice but failing horribly is another style that really is repulsive....
LOL. Good one.
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CT Guy: Great suggestion on Hall of Fame posts. Being technologically challenged, I'll forward it on to J. And I'm with Bradford and Stu on the shorts, but then I have nice legs when they're not fishbelly white, as currently. I often wonder if we shouldn't make Aloha shirts the business uniform like it is in Hawaii. It's awfully hard to cheat someone while wearing an Aloha shirt. Stu: Does your daugther have any Barbies with the clothes still on? BOTH my daughters have them, and you'd think it was a nudist colony.
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I could go on for hours but here are a few of the worst: The combination of: Navy 2 button blazer - usually bought at a Polo outlet, or in the case of some unfortunates, at Sears. White button down oxford cloth shirt, usually purchased at K-Mart or Van Huesen. So stiff that it almost stands up on its' own, the collar points are short and have no roll, the neck is two sizes two large, the sleeves are 3" too short (or it has short sleeves   ) Some atrociously ugly printed tie, probably by "Jerry Garcia." (Maybe we should be thankful it doesn't say "Chevy" or that it doesn't have Tigger and the gang bouncing all over it?) Pleated khakis that are hemmed 4" too long. A belt that would look appropriate if you were wearing it to paint your house. Horridly scuffed  "comfort shoes."   White athletic socks. Or perhaps they have realized that the aforementioned "business dress" isn't appropriate so they have graduated to: A navy double breasted suit that is at least one size too small - except that the sleeves reach past the knuckles and the pants are so long they pool around the ankles. The same button-down shirt A tie so limp it must be sending subliminal messages about the wearer's manhood. Cotton dress socks that have been washed so many times they have developed a nice flannel finish. Tassel loafers - so worn that the tassels and kilties have curled heavenward. Or, worst of all, rubber-soled Rockport wingtips that have gone without polish for so long that they have turned from black to grey. Of course I am assuming that they wore a jacket and are sparing us the sight of a partially untucked dress shirt    
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A few others: Just about any shirt that is tucked in and worn without a jacket. Black suit, black shirt, white satin tie. Visors - especially when worn upside down or sideways. Skate shoes worn with the laces undone and the tongues padded so that they look like moon boots.
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Hey A Harris: Could you explain the tucked in w/ out a jacket shirt? I've been known to tuck in a dress shirt if it's summer and I'm wearig no coat or jacket (especially if the tails are longer). I alwaysthought this was normal if you don't want to look sloppy? Even with jeans I tuck in button up shirts if they're not straight cut? Am I fashion ignorant or just mis understanding the statement? Pete
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And some of us older guys have been known to sport earrings from time to time. As with most guys who get their ears pierced, the story behind the "mutilation" is treasured and interesting... I'm amazed Ed Bradley gets away with his earring...I actually think he pulls it off pretty well.
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I pinned this topic, which I guess is the closest thing to making it a "hall of fame post". This will stick it to the top for all eternity. J.
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Don't mean to offend anyone. I'm generalizing of course. I'm thinking of the t-shirt tucked into jeans look, the polo tucked into shorts look, the dress shirt/slacks/tie without a jacket look etc. There are of course exceptions to every rule. And I'm sure some guys can carry off things I don't generally like. In deference to our good friend Steve B I've deleted my comment on earrings
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