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HOF: What look would you like to see stopped?

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At the risk of offending at least several of the Forum members -- tasseled shoes, worn with suits. In my profession (attorney), they're the default/fallback shoe for virtually every unstylish, usually middle-aged or older-lawyer around.   I have yet to see a pair worthy of wearing with suits that I would deem as remotely stylish.  Can anyone show me otherwise?
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I was wondering if there was some style or look that you all would like to see cease and desist immediately? For me, and I've see this a lot on tv lately, it's the suit with the crew neck shirt underneath. What's with that? It looks terrible. If you're going to wear a suit, please put on a tie. If you want to wear the suit, but don't want to wear the tie, then wear a nice collared dress shirt unbuttoned.
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How about these?
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Those shoes are nice, but I think they illustrate the problem with virtually all tasseled shoes: they'd look even better without tassels.
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Pleated chinos should be outlawed as well as any polo shirt bearing the logo of a company not responsible for making the shirt (conference shirts).
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mullet hairstyles and i chime in and agree with sweeney, ban tasseled shoes with suits
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The "all black I'm cool look".
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Double-breasted suits with turtleneck anythings (think "Guinness World Records" show and some TV prechers out for your money) oh- and white gymsocks with almost anything .
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In my opinion, the tassel loafers posted by A Harris are acceptable with a suit, but not nearly as attractive as a pair of lace-up oxfords.  Unfortunately, most men who wear tassel loafers with a suit seem to prefer the horrid low-vamp version, often with frills on the vamp and/or a vamp with a basketweave construction.  That version should not be worn period, much less with a suit. While we're on the subject of shoes, it's time to get rid of square-toed shoes.  They didn't look good when they were "in," and they don't look good now.
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I completely agree that tasseled shoes should be banned. I have a 22 year-old friend that wears nothing else with his suits and I keep telling him "it will not attract the ladies, no matter what your disillusioned mind may be telling you." I also would like to through out the current "this clothing is four sizes too big and it makes me look good" urban fashion trend; it is one of my greatest annoyances in life. To pay the exact same price (and in some cases more) for a piece of ill-fitting clothing as you would an article that fits you well is beyond my comprehension. Oh, and get rid of retro trainers (ie: 70's or 80's style Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Converse) all together. They were ugly then (but since they were "cutting edge" no one cared) and they are unbelievably ugly now. I may be the only one who desires these to be banished to the outermost regions of the world, however.
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First proviso: I'm Europe based and tasselled loafers are quite rare on these shores. (Although most manufacturers have a model in their program.) For me tasselled loafers have the old-worldly charm of a bow tie or suspenders (braces). It's nice to see, that they still exist. I suppose,, the French shoe website agrees, as they sum up Alden shoes (in a computerized translation) as: "The shoe amercaine in all its splendour [ in particular its moccasins with pompoms in Cordovan ]" Long live pompons. Live is boring enough, let's get a bit whimsical.
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I would agree with Bengal-Stripe here on the merits of tasseled loafers. I think these shoes from Alden are fabulous, but I think of them as Casual Elegant, with say, camel or tan wool trousers and an elegant shirt, rather than something to be worn with a suit. As for let's ban the look, how about double-breasted suits with an open collar sport shirt. That's horrible. That's like wearing a bathing suit with a tie.
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What I would like to see stopped: 1. Oversized pants hanging off of guys backsides. 2. Those low rider jeans with the words sl*t, b*tch, or princess printed on the back. 3. Women who buy their shirts at "Baby Gap". 4. Tennis shoes with suits. 5. Dew rags or stocking caps of any kind. -Foster "The first and last thing required of genius is the love of truth." "Everything great and intelligent is in the minority." - Goethe
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Those shoes are nice, but I think they illustrate the problem with virtually all tasseled shoes: they'd look even better without tassels.
Well put, Mike. Does anyone know the origin of tassels on shoes? Are they strictly ornamental or did they once serve some pragmatic function? In the same vein, I would like to see woven shoes go away. I've never seen a pair I liked - they make your feet look small, and nobody wants small looking feet. Also - what is with people wearing socks with sandals? It seems both counterintuitive and just plain dumb.
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I don't know PM, have you ever seen Huraches? I had a pair of woven huraches one time in brown leather and they were really really cool. The little woven straps broke though, so they didn't last more than 2 years. I do agree with you on socks with sandals. That's like the Redneck Riviera retiree shuffleboard tournament look.
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