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Alden Flexwelt Loafers Discounted

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The price on these Alden shoes are about $100 less than on other sites. I called this store and they said they had quite a few in stock. But the model number conforms to a "Flexwelt" shoe that Alden is still making, even though this shoe looks just like the conventional Aldens. It has a hard sole. Does anybody own this type of Alden, to compare it with a conventional loafer? http://<a href="http://www.elmshoes....ductid=690</a> And, yes, I know I'm overly devoted to this shoe type, to put it mildly.
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Alden Flex Welt Shoes This page has Alden's brief description of their Flex Welt. The Alden Shop in San Francisco has priced the shoe a $305. Though I don't have any first foot experience with Flex Welts, I am a fan of Alden. At $199, your find is worth a flier.
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Thanks for your response, ROI. It does seem like a pretty good deal on which I should take a chance.
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Here's what I got from Alden (I sent an email inquiry) with regard to the difference between Flexwelts and regular tassel shoes. ******************* Thanks for your message. Our flex welts use softer materials for upper leather, innersole, and outsole. It may be of interest to know that while the outsole is more flexible than the normal Alden New England outsole, it is quite durable. In fact, the flex welt shoes have been around long enough for any problems with premature wear to become apparent, and that has not been the case. The upper leather does not take as bright a shine as the traditional tassel, but that seems to be the only tradeoff for the immediate flexibility that these shoes offer. Hope this helps, Alden Shoe Company
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softer materials? sounds great
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