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Corduroy Sevens

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Thread Starter Hey everyone, I was wondering what everyone thinks of Seven's Corduroys? How is the quality/durability/worth the money? I have a pair of cords from the Gap that I bought for about half the price of the Sevens, and I love them. I also see a ton of worn in corduroys always on sale at J Crew, for like 30 dollars. Would 132 bucks be worth it for the sevens? Thanks in advance for any help.
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I tried them on a while ago at Bloomingdales, they're too baggy for me. I don't think cords look good when baggy.
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They don't look baggy at all on the model.
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I've got a pair. They're alright; pretty basic cords. Don't pay 132 bucks for them. They're at outlets all the time.
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These always go on sale. They can be found at Loehmanns for $60, Century 21 as well.
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60 bucks.? Wow, my Loehmann's stinks. They never have any good stuff. And even at the Off Saks store...I'd see Regular sevens but not for bargain prices.. Like 100 bucks.
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"¢ 84% cotton, 14% polyester, 2% Lycra®.
That's a fair bit of stretch, which makes little sense for a relaxed-fit pair of jeans. If I were you, I'd pass. In any case, don't buy them at retail. I have a pair of 100 percent cotton bootcut Sevens cords, and they're not bad. They are kinda flimsy for corduroy, which I'm not a big fan of, but they were only $60 at Filene's.
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I see the cords for sale at very steep discounts very often. In fact they seem rather obiquitous when jean shopping. I would recommend having at least a pair or two of cords, but paying retail for these is a overpaying.
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I don't really like fine wale cords. When you wear them you're giving up the relaxed and cool image of jeans and not gaining the dork factor of wide wale that allows a lot of experimentation. They look kind of 'meh' to me and there's no way I'd pay $100+ for them.
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