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What are your 10 favorite cities in the world? - Page 16

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Originally Posted by StephenHero View Post
1. Paris
2. New York
3. Rome
4. Siena
5. Chicago
6. Florence
7. Lyon
8. Aspen
9. Cesky Krumlov
10. Innsbruck

Cities ... or cities and towns?
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
I think that the context makes that clear. Personally, I prefer high tea, with pasties and real, substantial food, to finger snadwiches and biscuits. But then again, maybe I am, in the words of ernest, "country."
my vote for high tea and pasties
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Originally Posted by Fabienne View Post
This thread is almost unbearable to read.  Ernest, I really think it would do you good to go live abroad for a while.
Actually, he should just visit Riverton, Wyoming, one of the world's great cities. Be sure to go on Sat. night between June and Sept. You can still get a plate of calf frys and a cold beer for less than $5 at Wranglers Cheap Steakhouse. try that in paris and all those other places you're talkin' about. This here forum is about style - WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?
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Eight worth noting...

1. Berlin
2. Paris
3. New York
4. London
5. Boston
6. Rome
7. Dublin
8. Munich
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The best places I've visited or lived, in no particular order

Gallipoli, Italy
Manchester, England
Santa Cruz, US
Budapest, Hungary
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For those that included Boston in their list, would you mind giving some more specifics about what you liked about the city? I think I should start exploring Boston as if I traveled here.
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In no particular order: Taipei - Anybody who appreciates food should go here. The food culture is amazing. Also, wax apples are the most delicious fruit in the world. Los Angeles - It's sort of the opposite of San Francisco (which I live in and don't particularly like). I think it's a crappy place to visit, but a great place to live in. The trick is you really have to look hard to find the little nuggets of gold because they're deeply hidden in all the boroughs. Las Vegas - oh man... New York - An incredibly interesting town.
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No no, Vegas is pretty well shit.
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A lot of people just have the major cities as their favorites, but I find them the most annoying... 1. Portland, OR 2. Bozeman, MT 3. Albuquerque, NM 4. Boston, MA 5. NYC 6. San Fran 7. Paris 8. Denver, CO 9. Durango, CO 10. Madrid I've been in almost every major city in the world, but I guess America is what does it for me time and again.
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Originally Posted by TGPlastic View Post
No no, Vegas is pretty well shit.
Some years ago, Stanley Marcus published a "Less Than the Best List" ... and there was Las Vegas near the top ...

hotel art botiques
fish & chips
Bourbon whiskey

Las Vegas
imitation furs
three-inch clogs
instant coffee
nylon-bristle toothbrushes
retail advertising
plastic toys
severn-day "luxury" cruises
home cooking
single width shoes
unpinked dress seams
women's slacks with a smiling crotch
teased hair
frilled Tuxedo shirts
campaign promises
pin-lever watches
auto-repair service
household appliance repair service
nonvined ripened tomatoes
stock options
"easy open" polyethylene cracker packets
political campaigns

At one point I was going to have my tombstone say ...
"I never went to Las Vegas ... I'll let that speak."
Sadly, now I can't and remain honest... I recently landed there ... and well ... one thing led to another ...

Now I'm think it might be ...
"I never saw an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical ... don't blame me."
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My Top 10

  • Dubrovnic - Croatia (real nice old town, decent food, bring your gf)
  • Glasgow, Scotland (great for shopping and drinking, clubbing) - Don't wear a football jersey
  • Bangkok - Backpacker Central
  • London - Cambden on sundays and greast nite clubs (is the fridge in brixton still open?)
  • Munich / Berlin (octoberfest / love parade)
  • Darwin, Australia (small big town really, very laid back, alomost like the wild west in USA, and lots of hot chicks)
  • Beijing - Was there for olympics. Loads to do. Great food. (really)Nice people. Dont believe everythin ya see on tv
  • vien vang, laos (its not much of a city but the fun you can have is off the hook. Tubing on the river, opium, magic mushroom shakes ...unbelievable)
  • Prague, good fun for a wild wknd
  • Galway, Ireland (or mayble kilkenny) - Good craic in the pubs
  • Dublin, Ireland - its a dirty old town but theres life in the old girl still

To do list
Ney York
Las Vegas
San Fran
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-Monte Carlo
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Originally Posted by drizzt3117 View Post
Hmm interesting, Milan over Rome, Florence, and Venice... most people don't mention Milan when they talk about Italy's most beautiful cities.

Spoilt by having some of the rudest people on earth as its citizens!
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all others.
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