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What are your 10 favorite cities in the world? - Page 15

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I never have even been to New York.
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In No Particular Order:
San Francisco
Oakland/ Berkeley
Orlando (but it's been a while)
San Antonio
(Going to New Orleans fro Jazz fest, so it may climb up the list)
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I havent read this whole thing but i'm amazed that Edinburgh isnt mentioned more

the largest arts/comedy festival in the world, events happening nearly all year round drawing in massive name celebraties, these guys invented celebrating new years and has one of the best parties in the world for it, lasting 5 days, the whole damn city is world herritage listed because of its gothic arctecture, there's a massive park in the middle of it, you can walk around the whole thing and its got the best bus system in the world.

the only thing its missing is good weather.

Edinburgh shits on 95% of cities listed here.

there's also not enough Barcelona. Too many American cities which are not New York too.
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^^^I was considering putting it in my top 10, but it just missed out. It's a great city and has plenty going for it - I wouldn't have lived there for 3 years if it wasn't. I still like it, just not as much as the others...
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10. Milan
9. New Orleans
8. San Francisco
7. Montreal
6. Rome
5. Vienna
4. Paris
3. New York
2. London
1. I love LA!

Though I must confess that I have never been to Asia nor Africa to sample their cities
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hmm let's see

New York
Hong Kong
San Francisco
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1. Los Angeles - Atmosphere, beaches
2. Tokyo - Huge, there is everything
3. Paris - Always stylish and somehow calm place
4. Las Vegas - so unreal and absurd
5. Nagoya - Excellent restaurants, large but somehow easy to manage
6. Nice - Atmosphere, beautiful
7. Monte Carlo - style
8. San Francisco - Clam Chowder soup
9. Boston - restaurants, architecture
10. Munich - architecture, historical, food and bierkellers..

Have to mention also, Helsinki - lots of things in small area, Berlin - historical and in its own way beautiful, Funchal - Nature
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I haven't traveled much outside the country except for Poland many years ago so I don't remember, and more recently Germany. But for the US in no order: San Diego LA New York - Including surrounding areas: Hoboken NJ, Brooklyn Boston Berkeley Miami Chicago San Francisco Plymouth Dusseldorf [Can't speak for the other major cities since I haven't got around to them yet.]
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These are my favorite cities I have been to, mainly because of art and architecture, museums and libraries I visited there. In terms of paying attention to fine food, style, and live music, even in my hometown, I'm pretty much oblivious, though I'm working on the style part. in no particular order: Rome - Capitoline Museum, St. Peter's and Vatican Museum, Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Pantheon Paris - The Louvre, Musee D'Orsay, Musee de l'Orangerie, Musée Jacquemart-André New York - Metropolitan Museum Washington D. C. - Haven't been in years. Boston - Museum of Fine Arts, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Fogg Museum, Boston Public Library, Boston College Libraries Martha's Vineyard - Love this place. I'd look to live or retire there if I could My favorite used book store is there, called The Book Den. Chicago - Art Institute of Chicago, Newberry Library Kyoto - Shinto temples. The city just had an amazing aura. Antwerp - Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Rubens' House, St. James' Church Cody, WY - surrounded by Yellowstone Nat'l Park. Buffalo Bill Historical Center was full of some great landscape paintings by Thomas Moran.
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Originally Posted by m@T View Post

I mean, I had a blast there on a bachelor party, but other than some seriously seedy nightlife, doesn't really have a whole lot going for it

I like that you can actually buy literally anything there. Not that I want to. It's just nice to know that you can.

Yeah, it's a shithole.
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Visited enough cities on business (and lived/worked in Manhattan early in career) to be satisfied with just one city and one sucks, even with a G550, let alone flying commercial and riding around in dumpy cars

SF and Woodside....SF for food; Woodside for nr-perfect yr-round weather; and amazing local topography for great drives in own perf car in mtns above Woodside....and a SiliconValley economy (and Stanford) that seem to attract many of world's smartest, most innovative guys who continually generate new wealth (to buy new toys)...and hot chicks (from wherever) will always travel to wherever the bucks are...
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From cities I've visited.

1. New York City: Duh.
2. San Francisco: Quaint, beautiful- yet eclectic.
3. Vancouver:
4. Philly: Gritty, but has character.
5. Taipei:
6. D.C:
7. Boston:
8. Chicago:

1. Detroit: Self explanatory
2. Newark: Also self explanatory
3. Los Angeles: Grass is greener kind of thing.
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Tier 1:
Buenos Aires
Singapore (city-states count right?)

Tier 2:
St Petersburg
New Orleans

Tier 3:
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1. Paris
2. New York
3. Rome
4. Siena
5. Chicago
6. Florence
7. Lyon
8. Aspen
9. Cesky Krumlov
10. Innsbruck
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Originally Posted by ConcernedParent View Post
1. Detroit: Self explanatory
2. Newark: Also self explanatory
3. Los Angeles: Grass is greener kind of thing.

As to the grass being greener in LA and it being a dung hole ... per the Erma Bombeck saying ... the grass is always greener over the septic tank.
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