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Styleman, question though, didn't you say earlier you were 14? How much partying have you done in these places? just out of curiousity?
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Styleman, question though, didn't you say earlier you were 14?  How much partying have you done in these places? just out of curiousity?
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There are alot of new upscale places in Prague now, it's changing amazingly every time you go.  As for Ibiza and the Greek Islands, it's all taste.  I'm a huge fan of techno/trance, so my tastes will run accordingly.  There are an awful lot of incredibly hot Scandanavians in the Greek Isles, last time I was there anyways.  Ibiza had alot of dutch and spanish girls in addition to Germans and English (which I have no problem with, as long as they are attractive, ok... maybe that rules out most English girls )
Not that there is anything wrong with techno, its just not up many peoples street, thats why I commented on Berlin. I think if you lived in Europe you would not have the same views on Ibzia though
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Hmm, I have had fun there in the four times I've visited, it's certainly great for music.
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Quebec City is definately a very European city, but overall does not have the other amenities that Montreal has.
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Don't forget the Barfly at George the 5th in Paris, if you are an American and single, laid me.
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1. Vancouver (sorry, little hometown pride here) Absolutly stunning blend of mountains, sea, and farmland. In no other place that I've visited have I been able to bike 10 minutes outside of my house, be alone in a forest, climb to the top of a mountain, see the ocean and then when biking back grab a latte and some sushi. The only thing the city is lacking is a more vibrant cultural scene. 2. Seattle/Portland - Both great cities with the same laidback style as Vancouver just with a little more history and vibrancy. 3. NYC - As has been said before financial, culture, and fashion centre of the world. Simply an amazing city to spend time in. If it wasn't for that occasional raw sewage smell it would be perfect. PS> It is amazing how well travelled this group is.
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I've been pretty much limited to the US and Europe for my travels, but I would include the following: 10 Boston 9 Krakow- For a short stay 8 Chicago 7 Firenze 6 San Francisco 5 London 4 Vienna 3 Paris 2 Berlin 1 NYC My priorities for traveling are culture and food, with very little interest in partying and nightlife other than a healthy cafe culture and amateur art scene.  I ranked NYC and Berlin above London and Paris simply due to their affordability for Americans--the strong Euro and Pound make day-to-day expenses simply exhoribant for a budget minded American. Future travel wish list: St. Petersburg (Russia), Dhubai, Bangkok, and the Galapagos Islands/Peru. Unfortunately, I hate flights longer than six hours. EDIT: I forgot to include Madrid. Not really my cup of tea for food, but it should sit somewhere on this list... maybe displacing Boston???
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I personally dislike Chicago quite a bit, but being from WI may explain that... I like Krakow and Warsaw a bit even though they are a bit dirty.
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I forgot Barcelona on my waiting list, quite a nice city as well.
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... I like Krakow and Warsaw a bit even though they are a bit dirty.
Although Krakow is dirty, one really doesn't seem to see the dirt as much after a short visit to Auschwitz, but the bad part of Krakow is the getting there, unless you actually fly there or to Warsaw, it is a long 8 hour train ride....I am with Drizz on the Barcelona thing, I woild love to do that and Madrid, maybe year after next, our summer trip plans have already been set for this comming summer's trip.
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I'm suprised that more of you aren't considering Tokyo one of the top ten cities in the world. Is it because many of you have never been, or because you didn't like it? Allow me to extoll the virtues of the fair city thusly: -best subway system in the world -newest technology -low crime -no official 'last call' at the bars -large quantity of high end clothing boutiques -large variety of food and drink -if you are white/european/tall, you will get laid. -schoolgirl uniforms -fascinating mix of architecture -generally nice people -sort of like NYC, but bigger, cleaner, and with a better subway.
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drrzt, I liked brataslva because it didn't have any tourists and the old castle was very impressive. it also had a very pretty bridge. same reason that I didn't put florence or rome down - great cities but full of tourists. I try to hit Paris when there are less tourists, and stay out of the touristy parts. one place I did foget - cartagena. that is about the most beutiful city in the world, and it has great beaches and fantastic fresh fruit.
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Well CTGuy, I'll pick you up in about fourty five minutes. I need to find somewhere to refuel the SR-71 Blackbird, but as soon as I have a full tank, we will take a field trip.
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TS: Best subway system in the world on what criteria? If you are talking about timeliness, London and (especially) Moscow are great, if you are discussing value Moscow and Boston(.) are probably the best, what criteria are you using? I thought the Tokyo system was good except it was always too crowded relative to other cities IMO. I agree about the other points but have no experience on the being white/laid part globetrotter: a couple weird points about Bratislava, there aren't many tourists and the language barrier is nearly impenetrable (although my german got me by and I knew just enough Russian to be dangerous) 1) EVERYTHING is cheap there, I don't know how, but even Western books were really inexpensive, and you can have an absolute feast at great restaurants for a song. We went to Peoples cafe and had a 7 course meal including foie gras, roasted venison, filet mignon, and drinks/wine, etc... for E30 total... 2) I ran into one of my high school teachers there, it was the most bizarre thing I've ever had happen to me... of all the places in all the world...
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