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Final sale prices on remaining items

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These are final prices. All left over not sold will either be returned, kept, or given away to family members.
all prices are under cost to various extent:
Santoni FAM split toes , still various sizes, brand new in box $540 shipped each (mo/check only losing money on these)

CJIABA watches black 2 of them brand new $45 shipped (mo/check same losing money)

Loomstate jeans size 33waist straight leg, brand new w/o tag. $22 shipped
Holliday and brown red paisley tie standard length b new with tag $23 shipped.

Massimo woven red paisley brand new with tag $39 shipped

size 8.5 handmade suede brown monkstrap sutor mantellassi original $1225 $289 shipped.

santoni handmade size 13 fam split toe antique brown worn 5-6 x still excellent condition $239 shipped.

i can get photos later
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Man Brian, everytime I see a beautiful Santoni like the Townsend, I think of you. Remember when you were on "a Santoni kick"?

In your travels, if you ever come across a beautiful must have shoe in the under $150 range in size 13D, please think of me, brother.

I wish you success.
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e-mail sent on Massimo Paisley tie
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Do those sutor mantellassi fit true or a half size large?
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im not sure how they fit but i can get measurements for you later.

thanks bigbris. i still love santoni but not with my wallet anymore
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That would be nice. Do you have a photo of them in your other thread or ont he net somewhere I might be able to see? Sorry for the hassle. Are they in this style:,...e-For-Men.html

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pics of the watches? thanks
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I'd also be interested in the measurements of the sutors. they have dropped into my price range!
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Which colors in 11.5?
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Are the loomstates selvedge?
Are the watches automatics (need to be wound)?
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What model and finish/color are the loomstates ?
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Originally Posted by antirabbit View Post
Are the watches automatics (need to be wound)?

I believe they are.

Here is the original watch sale thread with pics and information
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Not trying to insinuate any wrongdoing, but why is Shoe liquidating his stock, and how did he amass so many pairs and sizes? Again, everyone knows Shoe is a solid contributor to SF, but I can't imagine why he would want to sell everything?? What happened to the Shoe??
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A period of joblessness that lately and happily ended, I believe.
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Re: the watch pics, it would perhaps be beneficial if a pic could be taken 'on wrist' just to get a better idea of its size.
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