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Probably nothing.

New Yorkers have a place to check them out in person now though at least. Supposedly there will be more.
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LOL! 'only seven made'! More like only seven J Crew tags made. With any luck, kiya, people will start googling 'Mister Freedom' and find that you sell them for less. I did notice in J Crew today that SS09 is looking rather nautical.
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Originally Posted by mpcec View Post
Hey, I have soaked it. I ordered a large and it shrank a full size to a medium. For reference I'm 6'2", not positive of weight but I'm between 170-180 I think.

I wear a M or S in EG, M for traditional fit and the S fits slimmer. M in WWM, L in BoO.

Very weird! Im 6´3, 180 and wear an XL in EG... shows that just height and weight wont tell you how clothes fit.
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Mister Freedom - The Third and Final Chapter #1

At Self Edge, produced in even more limited quantities than before:

Shore Jacket as modeled by Sidney Lo:

Denim Signal Vest as modeled by Sonny "Sorrydad" Patrick:

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That vest is P I M P.
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That shore jacket is MINE!
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^what did I tell you? x-post from sufu: I picked up a shore jacket from kiya on Saturday and have pretty much worn it every day since. I decided to give mine a quick cold soak to get rid of some of the starch, wear it while damp to break it in a little, and let it hang dry. Standing up on its own: The denim really comes alive after a good soaking: The jacket is so damn comfortable! I was wearing it around SF/Napa last week mostly with a flannel and it was perfect for this time of year. Fit pics, with a small peek at the denim utility shirt (very last one ever) that I also picked up at SE, along with my SC bandanna from the party:
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Let me join in on this jacket business...

X-Posted from WAYWT:

Iron Heart Heavy Chambray
Mister Freedom Shore Jacket
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Mister Freedom - The Third and Final Chapter

The last chapter of the "MFSC Naval Clothing Tailors" has unfolded.

The two previous collections, Spring 08 and Fall 08, captured the working gear and duty clothes that our Sailor had custom tailored in local ports during his 10 year service at sea in the Merchant Navy.

His duty Tour ended in 1946 in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Thereafter the whereabouts of our Seaman are unknown, but his wooden personal locker recently surfaced in a Southern California estate sale.
Unopened for over 60 years it contained a collection of his personal clothes, tailor made for his private use, when on shore leave and off duty.

The designs of this personal wardrobe came from the "MFSC Naval Supply Research" department and some items were labeled as "Experimental Garment" and made in very limited quantities as test pieces. None of them were intended to be worn on board during service, but rare photographs show our Sailor proudly sporting these garments while at liberty on some Indian Ocean shores...

The locker contained:
MFSC JS-09: A white denim Shore Jacket
MFSC PS-09: A pair of denim trousers
MFSC 645-N and 645-W: Two off-duty custom color Chambray shirts
MFSC SS-09: A pair of white denim Bermudas
MFSC VS-09: A multi-pocket denim vest

All these items are now available in extremely limited numbers in-store and in our online store and now even come in women's sizes; check the online store for full spec lists for all six items:

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Can you share what you'll be getting in from Mister Freedom for FW09?
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Also for anyone who missed it, here's a preview of a few things:
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^dude, it's all on sufu. Oh wait.... He said he was buying one of everything (for himself I think?) except for the Mulholland, but I don't know what will be in-store. I don't think there was a single thing from the naval tailor run that SE didn't carry. Frankly, I don't know that I'll buy any of it. Maybe one of the tees. The Naval Tailor line will always be king in my book.
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No Mulholland? ;_;
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Well you could always order it from MF himself if kiya isn't getting it...
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Originally Posted by robin View Post

Can you share what you'll be getting in from Mister Freedom for FW09?

We are the only external retailer that carries the entire line, so yes, we'll have every single piece of the collection.

When we open in NYC on July 24th we'll even have some special MFxSE bandanas hand screened by Mr. Freedom himself.
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