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Mister Freedom x Sun Surf and The Workman Shirt

For Toyo's 50th anniversary they've done a set of collaborations set to come out over the course of this year. One of the first releases is a collaborative shirt done with Mister Freedom. The Rock 'n Roll "Action Packed" shirt comes in a commemorative box and was produced in limited numbers.

Along with the Action Packed shirt we've received an updated version of Mister Freedom's Workman shirt. This shirt was done up a great pincheck fabric and the details have been updated from past iterations.

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Mister Freedom Le Marin T-Shirts

We've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of these Mister Freedom t-shirts since we saw them at the Toyo expo in Tokyo in the fall. These are made of a 100% cotton jersey knit fabric which was designed by Mister Freedom and woven in Japan. This fabric was a labor of love for Mister Freedom, weaving this particular style of fabric isn't common and is quite pricey. Price and difficulty of production isn't something that deters these guys easily, hence why we have beautiful t-shirts such as the Le Marin.

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I thought MF was an independent company, it has something to do with SC?

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A large amount (vast majority?) of MF has been produced by Sugar Cane over the years. They're the ones who can produce the denim and sew up the crazy garments that MF wants to make. I think they, at first, couldn't even sew up the midnight twill into the pea coat because it was so heavy. There's a funny story about the first pair of 7161 jeans that Christophe cobbled together from multiple denims the night before(?) he was to meet with Sugar Cane reps about doing a collaboration. Christophe does a lot of stuff in house, but the major clothing lines are usually produced by Sugar Cane.
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Ok, thanks a lot for the info

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Mister Freedom HBT Denim Appaloosa

One of the coolest denim shirts we've stocked was Mister Freedom's original Appaloosa shirt from 2013. This season we see an updated version made of an 8oz dark pinstripe herringbone twill 2x1 denim. The HBT pattern is more apparent on the inside of the fabric while on the outside the pinstripes are very subtle. The fabric starts with a black/gray shade when brand new and will naturally fade to a indigo blue with regular wear and washing.

The new Mister Freedom shirt along with a full restock of all of MF's blank t-shirts are available now at all Self Edge stores.

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