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Originally Posted by eltopo View Post
Picked up the Black Mulholland.

That pic of you running past the seagulls reminds me when George from Seinfeld so much.

and amazing pics AND fit !
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post
For some reason, I think Christophe is also a Medium like I am. You would probably need one size larger for your chest, but shirts might be a little long if you are not particularly tall. If you wanted to try something to see what fits, you should do it with something that is either washed or sanforized, of course. Good luck... By the way, ss10 is up on the MF website... You're in Hungary? I'd recommend Burg & Schild in Germany. They usually have a good stock.
Is that the whole collection? I'm an avowed hater of shorts but was hoping for a follow up to the white denim ones. Guess shorts wouldn't match the theme... Also still waiting to see the white & indigo mechanics shirts. Not in Hungary anymore--Afghanistan now. Tokyo is more likely to happen than Berlin, LA most likely of all.
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Mister Freedom Black Mulholland Master Jacket - Down Shift

Due to the popularity of the original Mulholland Master Jacket Mister Freedom has paid a short revisit to the piece by turning it into a cleaner version by employing a black jungle cloth fabric and forgoing the clip clasps for black Fiocchi snap buttons over the 1930's style "hookless" zipper. This version of the jacket also comes with white & indigo plaid checkered accents and a black windproofing leather inside the zipper cover flap.

With these color and fabric modifications they took a great jacket which was the most popular piece of the F/W09 collection and turned it into a guaranteed Mister Freedom classic by making a more minimal looking version.

These are not available for the Asian market and were made in small numbers only for a couple of stores, there will be no restocks of this jacket. Available now at SESF, SENY, and in our online store. Check the product page for a massive spec list and the history behind the fabrics and hardware used:

Mister Freedom Black Mulholland Master Jacket

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I think that black MM has moved to the top of my 'must have' list. Looks fantastic.
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Today, I did a little sewing... ...of some deadstock liberty cuffs onto my MFSC denim utility shirt. As far as I understand, the polar bear liberty cuffs were originally worn by sailors who had crossed the Arctic Circle. I've flown over it, and nearly crossed it on land (Iceland), but I thought it would be an homage to the northern climate where I live.
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be my daddy
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I've been riding for about 7 years now, but never found a suitable jacket that I liked. Until now... (thanks again, kiya!) I thought I'd feature a few bits of the black Mulholland Master that may not have been shown online. First up, the two lower front pockets and back pocket are tall, but fold over when closed. Great feature for keeping contents clean/dry. You'll also notice that there is extra stitching to reinforce around the snaps. The right chest pocket also has a Conmatic zipper- perfect for something, like a phone, that needs a little extra protection. The two snaps on the cuffs are perfectly placed, in my opinion. It's nice to tighten up the cuff while riding to prevent any cold air from sneaking up. The jungle cloth is ridiculously heavy. The jacket is about as heavy and a challenge to put on as a typical cowhide motorcycle jacket. The color is so rich on the black MM. And, the fit. Overall, it pretty much fits me like a glove, which I'm happy about. I don't want anything too roomy or constricting when I'm riding. I could probably fit some light armor underneath it if I wanted, but 90% of my riding is around town, so I'm not too worried. I'll probably forgo the belt and throat latch if I'm going to wear it casually. It was warm enough (well, 45-50F) to put the jacket through the paces yesterday. I did a short canyon ride nearby, and then took it out on the open road a bit. While my legs froze, my upper body was plenty warm, even at 55mph. The jungle cloth did well... All in all, the MM is way over-engineered, in a good way. Christophe really knew what he was doing when he designed this jacket. The cut is somewhat slim for a typical motorcycle jacket, but there is room where it counts to allow for plenty of freedom of movement. I'm looking forward to wearing it on some long rides once it warms up a little more.
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so nice.
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Mister Freedom * Speed-Safe Clothing for Modern Riders * 2ND GEAR

The first new pieces from the Spring and Summer line of Mister Freedom have just come in. Expanding on the theme which was started in the fall of 2009 this collection goes deeper into vintage styles but moves the era up a bit to the 50's and 60's.

We've got a new light zip-up jacket in the form of the Breezer Drizzler made of an amazing fabric which has a cotton warp and a rayon weft. Great functional pockets, plaid ticking, and a great fit make this our perfect spring jacket. Available in both black and white.

Also in is a new take on the Mechanic's shirt in two new fabrics. One is a white chambray and the other is a black chambray with an indigo selvedge id.

Both these pieces in two colors each along with a restock of the Mechanic's sweatshirt and the wool watchcaps are now available at SESF, SENY, and in our online store. Check the product pages for the full spec lists, measurements, and hi-res photographs:

Mister Freedom Breezer Jacket - Black

Mister Freedom Breezer Jacket - White

Mister Freedom Mechanic's Shirt - Black

Mister Freedom Mechanic's Shirt - White

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Considering the collection is almost completely out now i can finally share the photos from the last MF expo in Japan at the Toyo offices.

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Thanks for sharing. It looks amazing.
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Mister Freedom * The Midnight Collection * 3RD GEAR

The second half of Mister Freedom's spring and summer collection is a hot one.

Our French outlaw finds himself darkening up the collection with an amazing new fabric which is an MFSC original woven by the magical hands of Toyo Enterprises.
It's a 10oz denim twill with a royal blue selvedge id color; what makes this interesting is the warp threads are pure indigo rope dyed and the weft (fill) threads are black pigment dye. It's extremely dark but will age just like indigo denim does but in an entirely new way due to the black fill. An amazing fabric which almost has an overdyed look but it's the combination of the weave and indigo/black threads which give it a very blue-black look.

The Midnight Breezer jacket constructed out of the 10oz indigo/black denim twill is a light jacket with a "conmatic" zipper up the front, plaid ticking, three outer pockets, and one inner chest side-entry pocket.
The Midnight Rider's Jeans are a trouser style jean, very slick and very dark. Details are on the subtle side compared to past models and the denim is great for warmer weather wear considering its lighter 10oz denim twill fabric.

One last new item has come in to round off this season's offerings. The Union Tees are made up of 100% Cotton mid-weight tubular jersey in a 1930's European undershirt henley style with fabric covered buttons and underarm gussets.
The Union Tees are available either in a white jersey t-shirt with a indigo dyed popeline front placket or an indigo jersey t-shirt with a blue chambray front placket.

Mister Freedom restocks too...
All these items along with a restock of the Black Mulholland Master Jacket, indigo dyed scarves, MF logo scarves, and Mechanic's shirts in both black or white chambray are now available at SESF, SENY, and in our online store. Check the online store product pages for far more information than you'll ever need on one garment along with hi-res photos:

Midnight Breezer Jacket

Midnight Rider's Jeans

Union Tee - White w/ Indigo Popeline

Union Tee - Indigo Tee w/ Blue Chambray

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Originally Posted by eltopo View Post
Some wear on the rider dungarees.

Stay thirsty, my friend.
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haha must have
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