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I love the short jacket, but I live in Florida so that jacket would probably only get maybe 3 months of wear max every year. It was 87 degrees today but I still managed to wear my cpo, albeit a bit uncomfortable.
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I actually think the shore jacket keeps me cooler on a summer day. The denim is a very open weave so breeze gets through, and the light color reflects the sun well. but, the design isn't for everyone...
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Yeah, not so sure I could pull that look off with the jacket but really love the design and white denim.

I'm kicking myself for not picking up a pair of those shore shorts though, I came so close and had them them in my cart on self edge but didnt pull the trigger
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Damn, awesome man! Now I must figure out how to order, any tips on how to do so? Never ordered from rakuten before. Also, is it true all mfsc pieces from japan are one wash?
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A lot of them are one wash, but that reverse denim is sanforized. Christophe has exclusive distribution rights to the raw stuff, as far as I understand. Some, but not many, Rakuten shops will take direct orders, but it's hard to figure out. Sutocorp is only 8% proxy fee PM 'akuma no uta' on sufu to see if he can help you with ordering before you proxy if you want.
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Thanks man! Very much appreciated!
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No problem... good luck!
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(Denimubakkupakku is now my new favorite word.)
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^lol. There was a guy on sufu describing his jeans from Japan as the 'onnuwashu' version.
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Hide is a wonderful proxy. I actually got a pair of sz 30 shore shorts like a month ago. I highly recommend both him and the shorts. They are amazing, especially for the south Louisiana climate.

I found the measurements on my shorts to be different from selfedge's. The waist was very close to 15" on the 30.
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Yep I actually did email Hide last night and he responded insanely fast. Processsed and finished the transaction in like 15 minutes via email Really excited to get them I didn't even look at the measurements on selfedges site, I went by what bananafish had listed up and went with the 32, I'm pretty sure the fit should be perfect
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Could someone please direct me to a size 42 Foul Weather Coat?
I also had a sizing question about that one. I saw the measurements on Self Edge and the size 40 is 23" pit to pit. Is it as big as it sounds? Thanks.
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At this point, it's not going to be easy at all to find one. You'd be better of going with a Buzz Rickson Deck Jacket, which is very similar but has "US NAVY" on the back. And, it's half the price.
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Thanks for the BR link, but I'm not a fan of the elasticized waist and USN on the back. Does anyone know how the Foul Weather Coat sizes up?
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