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LA water is foul.

i'll drink tap in washington.
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The only place I won't drink it is Jay Peak, Vermont. I swear each glass had a full sized rock in it.

I drank a few glasses on accident (was up all night driving up there) then went to canada to party for a bit. By the time I got home I threw up for something like 5-7 hrs.
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When I lived in Florida, the ground water was really repugnant. High sulfur content. Smelled like rotten eggs. Was a put-off showering in it. Never did quaff it.
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When I was a kid I would drink the "egg water", as we called it, in Florida, Georgia and other parts of the South. Didn't like it, but that was before bottled water was invented, and we would get real thirsty running from the saber-toothed tigers.
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Philadelphia tap water is responsible for making the Italian rolls so good.
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I dont have a problem with tap water in general, but in London it tastes foul to me.

Will only drink it on the side in restaurants because 5 pounds (10 dollars) for a bottle of still to go on the side of our alcohol is nutso. Even then I usually end up leaving it

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No tap water for me in Korea!
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I do, but my water is very clean here.
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Big tap water news today here in Western Mass.:

Tap water from Southampton, Massachusetts, was named the best-tasting Tuesday among samples from the nation's small-town water departments.
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Best tasting tap water I have ever had is in the city of Sonoma in California. I really don't know how to describe it. Other places I have tried- Japan, Spain, lots of CA, NYC, MA, NC... that's about it.

I drink tap water all the time.

Also, as I understand it the environmental impact of discarding empty bottles isn't as significant as the energy spent transporting bottles of water. It is much more efficient to carry water through pipes. Something I heard somewhere, as of now I am unable to back it up with anything reputable.
give me a few minutes though and I will put it on wikipedia...
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yes to nyc. but i dont really like it, im too used to philadelphia's water.
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Never in China.
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Originally Posted by shellshock View Post
LA water is foul.

i'll drink tap in washington.

seriously. without my brita I would probably die a horrible death
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Yep. Though it's not that great warm out of the tap, once it's been fridged a while it tastes fine. Also, drinking water out of plastic bottles instead of a glass always seems to cut any bad flavors down a fair bit.
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Dutch people drink tap water. It's cheaper.
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