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Canali silhouette

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I was trying on a Canali suit at my local Filene's Basement the other day.  To my surprise, it had fairly heavily padded shoulders, a boxy cut, and a flared skirt.  Does anyone like this silhouette or prefer it to Corneliani's softer shoulder and close-to-the-body cut?  And is it possible for a tailor to bring in the skirt?
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This is a bump but I too would appreciate any comments regarding the Canali silhouette. AC, any comments on the regular line Zegna silhouette? I am trying to decide between purchasing one of the two.
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For Canali, it all depends on the shoulder width. Some are cut narrower it seems -- but these are mostly special order from high end stores like Mr. Sid in Newton -- and then the pronounced shoulder silhouette isn't something I mind so terribly. I find that a more sloped shoulder suits me better. However, I think Canali looks great on a lot of body types. In terms of Zegna, I think that the regular Zegna line has softer padding in the shoulder, along with a more pronounced roping at the sleeve head (giving the "puff" look there). For a structured shoulder, the Zegna's have remarkably little padding indeed. I prefer Zegna over Canali for this reason.
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I have tried several Canalis as well and have found that some of them have a much more narrow shoulder than others (my estimates would be a difference from about 17.5" to 19" on a size 36). The slimmest looking Canali I have seen was one that I found at Off 5th. And if I was just a little bit more boring (a.k.a. business ) I would have loved it.
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