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pink pantser, great choices, i can definitely see those fitting into your style, judging from the waywt pics.
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ok a slightly more serious answer to this question:

at this point (end of April 2008) I'm interested in the idea of stripped down. I don't mean naked...but I like the idea Patrizio Bertelli proposes, "the ultimate luxury is to own nothing." I engage in consumerism, but not to the extent I see a lot of other people do...nowadays when I shop it's more out of function than anything else...i can't stand the idea of updating one's look every season and getting into the new guard of designers, since most of it i find quite uninspiring. I take a stroll down shopping areas and am bored to death by pretty much all of what I see. Starting fresh the whole wardrobe would be plain black and white t-shirts, comfortable and loose cotton pants in black and beige, and white sneakers. No baggage, no fuss, just a uniform of quality to move about life without having to think about clothes.

Not saying I would actually do this, but the idea is quite liberating, non?
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Originally Posted by Fade to Black View Post
Not saying I would actually do this, but the idea is quite liberating, non?

Yes, I'd say so. It is part of the reason I think about this subject on occasion.
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pink pantster - that hickey donegal suit is on sale for less than $500 right now. a perfect time to move from fantasy to reality.
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I don't wear that much casual, so my casual wardrobe is shot. I have learned a lot here that would help if I restarted. Rather than fantasise I've tried to be realistic about what I could afford. I haven't got brands in mind for lot of these.

RM Williams chestnut ankle boots
Some light brown wingtips, maybe AE
Timberland walking boots (the ones I have)
Sutor Mantelassi black suede bluchers
Santoni FAM loafers, mid-brown

Don't have many, but I would like two suede belts, black and brown and a webbing belt.

Cotton pants (for ease of washing): Zanella, Incotex, RLPL, Borrelli, Brioni, Zegna. Solid colours: navy, beige, camel, dk. brown

This is my weakest area - totally unplanned and all over the shop. Can't be too specific but I would need:
Linen shirts - white and navy
Oxford Button-downs - solids - pale blue, pink, butter yellow
Fancier stripe shirts - I like the look of some of the Jhane Barnes that I've seen. Rather than get a lot, plan them around the pants and coats

Long-sleeve Ts
I could be wearing these 6-9 months of the year here, and I only own 2. I'd get at least 3-4 of these, patterned but in a muted way.

V-neck or preferably zip collar. Plain colours or muted patterns, navy, chocolate and grey

A couple of lighter-weight scarves, silk/wool. Heavy wool doesn't get enough use here

Overdafut. Bright colours and patterns
Rivers (local brand) for robust plain-coloured socks

Black leather jacket, conservative in style
Navy knee-length topcoat
Classic navy jacket from Italian designer like Barbera, Isaia, Canali or Caruso
Plaid sport coat from similar designers (v. happy with the Barbera I have)

Crumpler messenger bag
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Originally Posted by A Harris View Post
Yes, I'd say so. It is part of the reason I think about this subject on occasion.

I, too, think about paring everything down to a bare "uniform" but if I do that I may as well close shop. I really love the idea of not having to worry about what to wear but I think I enjoy it too much to give it up.

And no, I wouldn't want to start over again. And if I did, I wouldn't know where to start. Oh, maybe I can start by making sure every pair of shoes I buy fit properly.
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Diet Slim Skin Butcher , As Venus, Dirain tees instead of Monarchy, Salvage and Afflictions tees which i had

Possibly Flathead 3001 for jeans

Common Project sneaks....
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I'm with Jet, I wouldn't change a thing either

basically it'd be rebuying:

Fred Perry polos in different colors (both knit and pique)

Fred Perry Buttondowns in different colorways

Baracuta G9 harrington

Fred Perry monkey jacket (in black)

The greatest boot in the world, Paul SmithxTriumph Daytona

Fred Perry Vneck

Fred Perry cardigan of some sort

SFx5EP is a good one to start with

Suit by Spencer Hart

Luckily I already have all that, except the Spencer Hart suit
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Originally Posted by thepataphysician View Post
pink pantster - that hickey donegal suit is on sale for less than $500 right now. a perfect time to move from fantasy to reality.

Tell me about it - i've had that suit (and the tan twill one and a couple of their overcoats in pearl gray and charcoal) in my shopping basket for over 3 months, its an exercise in will power to hold off. The pros: i've got a Hickey suit and they fit me great and I think are worth it at $500. The cons: I already own a tweed suit and I live in the desert southwest so its limited to being worn about 2 months a year.
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spencer hart is slick, i love his suits and his general vibe...

i thought about what i posted about the reduction to uniform thing, went out for a walk after dinner weaing just a turquoise henley with just the bottom button done up, loose black pants and really did feel very free, a reminder of why i don't like wearing jeans that much nowadays. With the wind blowing in my face and my hands in my pockets i felt like a serene zen master but with a touch of nonchalant cool...
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1 pair apc new cure ($155)
1 pair dior mij 19cm ($330)
1 pair dior sharp notations 19cm ($425)


6 ck/2xist tanks, 6 t's, 10 pairs boxer briefs


1 cashmere v-neck (loro piana)
1 lambswool crew neck (same)


2 button-down oxfords, white, pink (steven alan) ($150 or so)
3 point-collared shirts, white, blue, pink (dior, prada) (@$250-300 each)
couple of short-sleeved button downs (lindeberg, raf, whatever's on sale)


2 raf simons sweater/sweatshirt type deals ($300-400 each)

1 s2a hoodie ($150 or so)


grey and black (raf simons or dior) ( i almost always wear jeans)


raf or dior ($125 or so each)


1 brown, 1 black (dior)


common projects white achilles low ($280)

common projects black achilles hi tops ($300)

suede oxfords (bonora, lobb) ($500-$1000)

black oxfords (jil sander, church's) ($400 or so each)

new balance 990 (for the gym) ($90)

10 hole doc martens ($120)


blue 2 button (prada or jil sander) ($2000)
grey 2 button (prada or jil sander) ($2000)

for the gym:

4 aa tank ($25 total wholesale)
4 aa t's ($35 total wholesale)

target brand shorts ($12 each)
target brand track pants ($20 each)
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So, this just happened to me (BA lost both my suitcases a week after I moved out of a house and packed all my clothes into two suitcases) last year. Sadly, BA still hasn't paid (August last year was the date of the loss), so it was done on the fairly cheap.

Found myself buying basic chelsea and zip-up boots, dark jeans, lots of basic ts, and a good collection of Nice Collective outerwear, and an Un Solo Mondo distressed leather jacket.

If they'd paid me, woulda been:

Same jeans
same basic ts

These jeans:

This jacket:


the great falling apart dries van noten cardigan from this season.

pair of nice black zip up boots

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all that Dior but not their suits?!

IMHO Prada and Jil Sander are better in three buttons.
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yeah, dior suits are just too slim for me. i'm like a 48 jacket, 34 pants, so a 2 button looks better on me than 3 button. it's kind of funny but i pretty much wrote what's in my closet now.
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I'd like to think I have that wardrobe if I cut away the excess stuff I bought over the past 2-3 years (i.e. why I do closet cleaning sales).

I'd break it down to (casual items only, not regarding my tailored clothing):
Jil Sander cashmere/silk hoodie
Jil Sander slate cotton pants
Jil Sander grey wool trousers
Jil Sander dark, Japanese jeans
YSL nylon moto jacket
Jil Sander waffle knit tshirts
Rick Owens asymetrical seem tshirts (black/white/drkshdw)
Raf Simons navy hightops
Jil Sander navy sneakers
Louis Vuitton brown/orange/black striped cashmere/silk tshirt
Martin Margiela chinos
Michael Bastian shearling
Jil Sander solid color tshirts
Rick Owens "snowboard" pants
Jil Sander nylon zipup
Armani Collezioni black/navy wool/silk pullover hoodie
Thom Browne oxfords in blue/white/pink
Thom Browne navy shorts
Jil Sander patent grey sandals
Zegna black/brown reversible belt
Marc Jacobs grey python belt
Schiesser Revival underwear
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