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Cell phone

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Was wondering if among the collective group there was some self awareness when choosing cellular phones? What does make you decide to buy a specific cell phone? Looks? Coolness factor? size? features? Brand? I am on a GSM network which allows me to switch phones like I switch shirts. I have 3 phones in my rotation a P900 from SE as a primary phone, a Siemens SL55 for evening which is tiny when wearing a suit and finally an older Sony Ericsson when I do some running. My choices was largely based on features (P900) but also the fact that few people have one. The Siemens which had a wow factor 6 months ago, was bought solely for the purpose of having something that would not make a bulk when wearing a suit. Geronimo
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On this, I go strictly for function. I use it infrequently enough that I'm not concerned with how it looks. My cell phone makes calls, and that's about it. I even avoid monthly charges by using a pay-as-you go plan. I pay a little more for the minutes, but the cost is roughly $6 a month (not including the initial phone purchase).
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I agree, I want a phone that works well, but style is a big factor. I'm not looking to be out in a nice bar/restaurant and have to pull out my giant brick phone with the 2 foot antenna. I have a slider now by Kyocera and it's pretty eye catching.
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I can't fathom buying tech/electronic goods for any reason other than function and/or price. If the difference in the previous categories is negligible when choosing between two products (e.g. the same phone in silver or black at the same price), then aesthetics are a reasonable factor. As someone who's made that mistake in the past, I'd say it's really stupid to overpay for a phone and get one with poor battery life, memory, interface etc, just because you can get it in another color.
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I prefer phones that are very compact, reasonably priced, and not loaded with features that I'll never use. Mine is simple matte silver with polished silver accents, and is a flip-face model. To me it's the equivellent of something more understated and classic - a nice sleek pair of dress slacks, a Jil Sander jacket, or a classic watch. But I might be reading into this too much.
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treo - I needed tri band gsm with a palm, email and web. it looks cool, but that is icing.
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Features mostly and preferably as few features as possible. I don't want a PDA, MP3 player or a camera. I already own things that do those much better than all or almost all phones do. That's why I went with the Kyocera 5135. It does what it does well, it's reliable and it doesn't look bad.
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I have 3 major criteria. I guess you can say function over form. I've used the Palm software OS since like 1996 and have a database of around 4600 addresses/contacts. I really rely on certain features in a phone over style. 1. Service. If i can't make a call or have lousy service and dropped calls on the freeway, then that's unacceptable to me. I'm in the LA area and recently switched from Tmobile, which blows here (it didn't when it first came to LA) and the second my contract ended, i switched to Verizon. I can now make calls from my house. Imagine that. Its a little more expensive but at some point, its not about the $$$ but about being able to do business. 2. I need the Palm OS (as mentioned above). 3. Qwerty Keyboard. I don't text message a ton of people, but i hate having to 'scroll' through the keypad to write a simple message to someone. 4. Although not imperative, but i really liked having a flip phone. It just 'feels' more like a regular phone and you get the added benefit of it protecting the screen. I Switched from the Treo 270 flip to the Treo 600, the second Verizon offered it. Its still not perfect for my needs, but its pretty damn good. Now with the Treo 650 and the built in Blue Tooth and other features, i'm sure it will be an even bigger hit. Stevo
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Oh, And i specifically requested the Non-Camera version of the Treo 600. I don't want to be told i can't bring my phone to the gym, movie theatre, etc. because i have a camera phone. Its becoming a big problem here in LA, and i'm sure the reasons to deny people bringing a camera phone to different situations will only grow. Stevo
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I use the samsung E715... it's compact and small, and does the job quite well, I will probably upgrade to one of the bluetooth ones though.
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I think the new Motorola "Razor" phone looks pretty sweet. The slimmer, and the sleeker they are, the more I like them. The Razor pretty much fits the bill. Right now I'm using a Samsung that was (at least a few months ago) the top model available in the U.S. for Verizon.. and I really like it. I think Samsung is my favorite cell phone maker, although Sony Ericcson has some really cool stuff too.
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"Looks" is very low on my list. I've got a blackberry which includes a phone -- love it.
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I have a NEC 525 HDM. I have had it for about five months now and I am very pleased with it. I selected this particular phone because I wanted a stylish phone no one else would have, with PDA-like capabilities without the incredibly large size of the PDA phones. I am able to check email from several accounts, compose and send email through any of those accounts, and send text and picture messages. Included is a scheduler, to-do list, and notepad, all of which can be synchronized with MS Outlook either by IR transfer or USB cable to connect the cell phone to your computer (in this case my laptop), that gives it the same basic functionality as a PDA. I am also able to download other useful programs and wallpapers of my choosing from other sources through the site. This is a very large plus since my hobby/business is graphic design and I enjoy the freedom of creating or finding a nice image and being able to download it to my phone to use as a background. I change the background once or twice a week. To add to these features, it has a camera (with a self timer, and a fairly good resolution) and a voice memo feature (that works quite well, I use it often when I am studying). The feature that is most useful, however, is its ability to access any webpage from the internet. This includes The Style Forum; in fact, I have actually posted to the site from my phone on several occasions. With its very large (one of the largest available) 65k color 2.2inch screen, web-logic programming and dual-processors, it handles sites rather well. Suffice to say, I definitely love this phone.
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I look for the smallest phone I can find. I hate carrying a cell phone. If I have to carry one, I want it to be as unobtrusive as possible.
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Since pretty much all gadgets I have are from Sony, I use two Sony Ericsson cell phones. On weekend (or work days), the P900 palm/phone, which is basically a mini-computer; and on weekends, the S700 camera/phone that has 1.3 mega-pixel camera, probably one of the best camera/phone known to the Western world (the Japanese have a 2-mp Sharp). I haven't made the switch to 3G yet. My inside-left suit pocket is made at 5" depth, so the P900 won't sink inside the pocket too much (the phone measures almost 4 1/2"). The S700 feels petite compares to the P900 and P800 that I have been using for over a year. I am so afraid of dropping it, and I am still shopping for a phone strap. Any suggestions?
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