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TM Lewin Suits

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Can anyone post pics or catalog scans of these? I remember a request on the topic appeared on the forum a few months back, but can't remember ever seeing a picture
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Pictures can be seen here. There isn't much. They're having a half-off sale right now, though I know nothing about the suit quality:
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I saw these in Jermyn Street last week. Very ordinary, standard chain store stuff. Lewins is now owned by some multinational chain, and from what I could see their stock is sourced offshore and not particularly good.
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My favorite shirts are Lewin -Tom
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I have half a dozen or more Lewin shirts and they're not fabulous. Double cuffs are too tight to wear anything but the thinnest of watches and the standard oxford cloth is rough and shrinks mightily at the laundry. Their broadcloth isn't bad and the colors and patterns are decent, but while I still wear the shirts, I am no longer buying new ones. Outside of the EU, the prices are pretty reasonable. They regularly have £24.50 per shirt deals, which used to be a better bargain when the dollar didn't suck quite so much. I've switched back to Hilditch & Key now and am mustering the fortitude to put in a bespoke order. They are still made by H&K, in their own factories. Last time I was in London (Nov 2001), I went nuts at their smaller shop just off Jermyn Street with everything in the store at £25 each.
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They regularly have £24.50 per shirt deals, which used to be a better bargain when the dollar didn't suck quite so much.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the coolest rabbi on earth. FYI, I went in Lewin today and everything they had in the store was half-off, which made the prices seem reasonable. Silk pocket squares were £12, with cotton ones as cheap as £1.50. Merino sweaters cost around £30.
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I think ernest has bought several hundred lewin suits for when he's not wearing Lanvin, padding about his mother's house...counting up his dole cheques... I think they were canvassed when he bought them but over time have become fused
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Based on my Harvie & Hudson covert coat experience, I will never buy a coat or suit from a shirtmaker again.
counting up his dole cheques...
Strictly speaking, unemployment insurance isn't the dole. Welfare is the dole, or "pogie" as we call it up here. In Canada, you pay into Employment Insurance and then can make a "claim" if you lose your job. I understand Ernest lives in France but I imagine their social safety net functions much the same way.
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