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Cleverley Bespoke Shoes size 11-1/2 - 12

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They are black lace-up "blind" brogues. Bespoke. Made in @1974. In amazingly perfect condition. Not a scratch and leather is pristine -- hardly creased at all. Stored for the last 25+ years in custom Cleverley shoe trees. I bought them on Ebay for $400 a couple months ago (the owner/seller misspelled Cleverley in the auction title, so I think the auction flew under the "shoe geek" radar). I keep trying them on -- mornings/evenings/different socks, etc. etc. Beautiful as they are, they just don't fit in the toe area. I even wore them to work one day, but had to take them off after 2 or 3 hours.... I'm a size 12-1/2 to 13D. I think they would fit a size 11-1/2 or a smallish 12. (They were also too tight for my brother who's a size 12 to 12-1/2 D.) They have that classic and distinctive Cleverley slightly pointy, yet slightly squared off toe -- they're amazing just to look at and admire. Is there anyone out there interested in them (before I put them back on Ebay)?
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I think I remember seeing them on ebay. Was it the seller who also had some Poole jackets? Could I see a picture and ask how much you want for the shoes?
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Yes. Please, a picture by all means.
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Yes, these are the ones that were by a seller in California (an antiques dealer, according to his web address). He also sold a large amount of Savile Row clothes -- suits, blazers, robes (Henry Poole, etc.). He sold at least one other pair of Cleverley's -- unfortunately, b/c he misspelled Cleverley for that auction too, I didn't see the auction and there was just one bidder there also (not me...). Here's the link to the shoes (from the EBay auction) (which include handcarved custom wooden shoe trees):
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I might be interested. Can you post pics?
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There are some pics at the link to the prior Ebay auction. They're not great pictures, but they give an idea of the style of the shoe and its lovely, unique shape.
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Kabert - Is the problem with the fit on you a matter of the length or width? On the Ebay listing, the seller said that he wore a 12 B or C when he ordered the shoes. Your explanation implies that width might be an issue, but I'm not clear on whether they are also too short for you. My shoe size is similar to yours, but is narrower (more like an A or B fitting). I'm a little doubtful that this difference would be enough to make the shoes work for me, but it's worth asking. Thanks.
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Trilby, Regarding the Cleverley's fit, it's a bit of both (length/width) though more a width issue than length I think. Basically, my little toes don't have enough room on the sides. The heel and arch fit are fine. I was concerned with the 12B or C statement when I first saw the auction description; however, his measurements in the description sounded as though they just might fit me. Wishful thinking as it turns out....
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Kabert - thanks very much for your prompt reply. I think I'm in the same boat as you -- it sounds awfully tempting, but I have significant doubts about whether they would work. They look like beautiful shoes from the pictures on Ebay, but if the fit isn't right, it's better to put the money towards a pair of Edward Greens that fit properly. Top quality RTW shoes that fit right are preferable to someone else's handmade bespoke shoes that don't fit. Trilby
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