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i often purchase perfume from abroad and have it sent via USPS... i never have problems getting it from my local post office (somehow).

although i should mention that i did lost a few specially when it's sent via standard mail - the cheapest there is. 

if it's however sent via priority mail which is a bit costly....second to express... they never get lost. the cheapest however has a tendency of getting lost.


2 months back, i bought 3 perfumes on ebay, an opium, gaultier fragile and yves saint laurent rive gauche and i never received it. good thing there's a

refund. i however feel sorry for the seller though since i do sell on ebay as well and it's quite frustrating when things like that happen. on the other hand,

the rest of the perfume that i have had purchase has reached my area. i usually buy perfumes every after 15 days.. used to be once a month but i got 

addicted to it... so currently i have over 30 bottles... out of all the purchases i made, i lost a couple of few along the way... say 5 bottles since. i dunno,

maybe customs stopped the shipment or what not.. no idea really... it was sad for me though since those were quite hard to find locally and can be

quite hefty as to compared to getting it on ebay.


.... as for your question, just send it via priority mail and add fragile...  they usually allow 2 bottles... that's as far as i know... when it can be quite a lot,

you may have to send it by sea and not by air and that would take awhile...