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Rider derbies arrived today. Been wanting a pair of plain toe derbies for a while. I'd considered the AE Leeds (too blobby) and Kenilworth (leather seemed a bit cheaper than that on some other AEs I've owned). The Riders are perfect for me. Sleeker than AE and better leather for $300. He needs to release a full line of shoes.
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those are really nice! I 'm really hoping he will release some more Hikers and Dundalks in time for Fall
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Originally Posted by kicker245 View Post

those are really nice! I 'm really hoping he will release some more Hikers and Dundalks in time for Fall


He's doing a shell dundalk GMTO, so that's an option if you're looking for a Dundalk

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I did see that, I'll probably go that route!
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I got give a shot out to Ron Rider for amazing service. I bought some MTO shell double monks from him about 7 years ago and had an issue with them recently. I reached out to him hoping to get some advice from him. He not only gave me advice but took care of the whole thing from start to finish. He provided a level of service that quite frankly does not exist anyhwere in the world. He's a class act. I wouldn't hesitate to get a MTO from him again. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Just to jump on that bandwagon I bought a pair on sale from the archive on Monday and received them today. Ultra quick service and a great price to boot. Pun intended.
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I'll chime in here too - I bought a pair from the bailout of the Paul boots in dark brown and, having had them a couple of months, feel like I got a steal. I see they've recently been marked down a bit more to $259 which is a crazy, crazy price. It's like Sutor styling near/at Carmina quality for 1/2 to 1/3 the price, ridiculous. If the Italian style works for you, get in on it. (I think there's a pair or two in B&S too, check there).

And, those being my first foray into Ron's work, I was suitably impressed enough to search around and came across a Hobo boot in roughout he did for Leffot a couple of years back. I really liked it and just coincidentally someone was offering a pair in my size on B&S. Never having had roughout anything before, I pinged Ron a couple of questions about the material, care, and sizing and he promptly answered everything. Mind you, he's answering my questions about shoes that someone else is selling on B&S; nothing in it for him but he was a helpful as if he was selling them himself.

A total class act, I really am looking forward to giving him more business. Seriously, I prefer to spend my money with people and organizations that I like and he's made that short list.

Now I just gotta save up some scratch for these: F. SASSETTI X RBC ‘GILBERT’ ANTIQUE COGNAC CALF
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I just now ordered a pair of shoes from Project Bailout.  Some understated cap-toes called "Thomas" (a Blake welted, 5-eye, oxford, in calf leather).  I learned about these shoes here, thank you.


I have a small gap in my shoe collection that I am actively filling since an important new client is old-school business dress and no one is wearing brown.  Brown is about all I have going on at the moment in shoes unless you count some olive.  So I am on a mission to buy a quantity of quality black shoes.


I will be posting a picture of my XXX shoes upon receipt and as much of a review as I am qualified to give (low expectations will be the key to enjoying my analysis).


I MAY be comparing these Rider XXX Thomas to Carmina's if I can source some black calf cap-toes from them (order placed a week ago, unknown status at the moment).


Less relevant (OT) items below


I have several personal "issues" including never wearing the same shoe 2 days in a row (taught to me in the 80's by a nice old man in the office next door at my first 'dress' job).  Because of this I am going for about 4 pair of black shoes and I don't mind if some of the basics closely resemble each other.  I am not 'nearly mendicant' like I was when I was building my first wardrobe but every USD I spend on clothing another X hours I have to work before I retire.  And I can see retirement from here.


This is my first post here - thank you all for the ideas and inspiration.  I was born on the US West Coast and grew up in the West and Midwest.  I live in the Southern US today but travel for a living.  I have been reading and learning from Styleforum for years.  My username is based on the fact that I have some difficulty with OTR suiting (I may post more about these adventures at some point).  That difficulty, more than any good taste or sense of personal style, has led me to educate myself to some degree about sartorial fashions and actual tailors (not merely those well-intentioned pretenders who offer alteration services).



Some of you are obviously gentlemen, some of you are obviously not.  My personal manners have atrophied to the point where I am comfortable in both sets of company.  All of you seem to have something to teach about dress, classic or trendy and I will try be an attentive student.

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