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Forgot to say that my grey Ottowas came on friday, and are perfect as well. Now i need to take the time to post some pretty pictures of these and my whiskey chukkas!
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How do they fit? I'm a 7D on Brannock, what would my size for the Ottawa be?

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I love this company, I got a Jackson boot from leffot and I can´t be happier

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Interesting looking balmoral short boot available in Horween #6 cordovan (reduced from $1475 to $660) available at Franco's Fine Clothier. Only 1 left in a 9.5... I'd be interested if it were a 13... frown.gif

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I have that boot. It's remarkable.
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The hiking boots are really great too! How does one care for the Grey Roughout Italian Calf with a Waxed Finish? Like on would care for suede? Thrown off by the "waxed finish" part, as the waxed suedes I see online have that slicked back look wink.gif
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I don't think Ron's got an affiliate thread here so this seems like the best thread to post.

Cross-posted from Dappered:


Really impressed by some of the new drops on Ron Rider's website. There are a few new boots under Rider Boot Co and then an entire line under Moretti Gold!  They're all made in Italy and Blake welted. There are some beautiful looking boots in there and the balmorals also look stunning. Really just excellent shoes if you're looking for something in the Carmina price range.

Here are some that I liked:

http://www.riderbootshop.com/moretti...rk-brown-calf/ (I'm not sure but it looks like the leather on one of those straps is splitting..)


(there's also a version in cognac)

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Still wish this was available.
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I bought the suede moretti boot and its fantastic for the price.
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Anyone have the roughout Dundalk?  Would love to see some IRL pics.  



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First pic is during a trip to Singapore where they got beat up very hard.


Second pic is one from a couple months earlier


This one is from a week or so ago


So in terms of ages, middle one is the oldest, then the first pic and last pic is the newest

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Originally Posted by europrep View Post

Anyone have the roughout Dundalk?  Would love to see some IRL pics.  




Looks like the current run might have a slightly thicker midsole, but hard to tell.


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Many thanks guys!  

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Wow, I love those roughouts. Great looking boots.
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I am interested in the jackson boot, but I am sure about the sizing, are these true to size?  I am Us7.5 in Alden´s barrie last

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