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Originally Posted by kevenmee View Post

Any additional information on these:

I have a combination of a weirdly small shoe size, wide feet and high insteps. Looking for more last information but couldn't seem to identify it. Looked around their website and didn't see the same shoe.

I'd be happy to make some measurements if you'd like.  Unhappily, the samples are a size 9, which are too small for me, so I couldn't try them on and give comparisons, but I can make some measurements for you tomorrow.  Just got back from hiking up in Glacier, so stay tuned tomorrow.

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Hi @kevenmee - any additional info you can share re: fitting issues? Lasts that do fit and sizes, as an example? I can try to help, but the general set-up for 3B last is it runs a bit large. Most trade down 1/2 size from standard (nevermind that there really is not a standard....) unless they are over size 11 - then stay the same.

Most of my lasts fit larger over the instep than you would typically find in a US style last (like A/E) and this is available for making in EE.

3B last is in the factory in:

5-16 D
7-12 EE

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@Rider, pm'ed you so I don't clutter up this thread.

Thanks for all the help!
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Originally Posted by Darkside View Post

Anyone have experience with the "Walker" shoe? On the verge of ordering these as a nice bridge between CM and SWD aesthetic.

I have the Walker and like them quite a bit. After about a year of wear, the only issue I've had is a bit of heel separation on one shoe, which was a $3 fix at my local shoe repair shop. No big deal. My only advice would be to follow Rider's sizing advice and size down by 1/2. I ordered my normal size, and they definitely run large.
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Seriously considering the kudu chelsea...I love the gnarly leather and it's a great price, but I already have sand suede chelseas from epaulet. So many choices - I could get the kudu in regular boot form from Truman

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Anyone have fit pics of the walker derbies? Preferably in a SWD setting..


I'm considering if they could be right for me, but I'm a bit worried they would be too sleek for SWD use. Juding by the photos, the toe looks more pointy than Alden's Barrie last or Raf Simon's derby, or what? To fit with a pretty minimalist aesthetic, e.g. Lemaire, COS, Stephan Scheider.. I'd like a round toe and somewhat chunky appearance.


Raf Simons derby:



Edit: Perhaps it's more comparable to Meermin's Rui last?


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I've been considering them precisely as replacements for those Rafs. They're not quite as chunky-sleek, but they're damn close for a hell of a lot cheaper.


There was an old post over on reddit (goodyearwelt) that showed them off. Imgur album here.


Those are gonna be my first Rider purchase. It's a question of "when" not "if" by this point.

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Many thanks for the link @Callusing. That's exactly what I was looking for! They do seem a bit narrower overall, would've liked the front of the shoe to be a bit wider and with a slightly rounder toe. They still look pretty good worn. And as you say, the price is great.

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Rider to open a retail store in Richmond, VA. I'm a local so I'll definitely be checking this out. They'll be just a block or two from the new Ledbury store.

@Teger, @ASNY2VA

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This could get tough on my wallet.....all of this walking distance from my office.
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Just walked by the new Rider Boot store on Broad Street in Richmond (after picking up a couple of shirts being altered at Ledbury!). Got to meet the owner and learn about the store. Super nice and a great looking place. Go check it out. Some pictures.........

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Congrats, Ron!

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