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Polo Darlton Cordovan Blucher

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Is this a good deal? With the NOVEMBER code, this C & J cordovan shoe is only $291 (free shipping as well). This strikes me as potentially an incredible deal. I have tried it on in the store, and it seems a bit too clunky for suits, but is that just because the cordovan isn't broken in yet? I've never had cordovan. I'm considering pulling the trigger on this shoe, but wanted some feedback from those who might have the shoe (or the McCallum Chukka, which seems to be on the same last).
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ok, it looks like i replied in the other post you did. since you saw them in the store, were you able to tell if they were calfskin or shell cordovan?
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They're shell cordovan in a beautiful dark brown.
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I have the wingtip on the same last and it is pretty nice with suits IMO...
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Hi, yeah, I bought two pairs. We will see when they come if they are cordovan. Unfortunately, you can't wait around for me to tell you, because this is the last day of the Private Sale. After today, the November code will still work, but I think they will be back up to full price. $300 for cordovan shoes is amazing. It's not much of a gamble, b.c. you can return them for free. Polo pays shipping, and you pay like a $5 processing fee. It was worth it to me. I've been eyeing Alden wingtips for a while, but the prices never come close to approaching this.
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I would definitely get those as well. I was doing the math on Saturday and almost pulled the trigger, but a recent purchase (Malo coat) superceded my decision. I think 291 for those, regardless if they are not cordovan, is a steal. It is amazing as well how better that shoe is in brown rather than the black. I think you can't go wrong with Polo in terms of returns as well. BTW - johnnynorman, thanks for the review of Rizzo in Harvard Sq. Not to highjack the thread, but I took my Oxxford blazer there over the weekend and am convinced he can fix my jacket pocket as well as fix the new buttons neiman-marcus incorrectly put on my sleeves. Spaced vs. kissing.
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Ok, gonna make my decision in the next hour or two. Think about the blucher wingtip in "dk. brown cordovan". I have a question, though. Are these shoes comparable to C&J handgrade line, or the C&J regular line?
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Well, they aren't the handgrade, but C & J doesn't do any other shoes in shell cordovan, as far as I know. So, to the extent that the leather and finishing is the biggest difference between benchgrade and handgrade, this being in cordovan eliminates that. Also, I imagine that this is a last exclusive to Polo.
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The description says "calfskin." I'm betting that they are not shell cordovan. Kai
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The description says "calfskin." I'm betting that they are not shell cordovan. Kai
I know... this is the big question I had the people telling me they were calf and the Polo store in New York saying they don't know what they're talking about. It's been vexing me for days Ahh, the trials of online shopping... We shall see
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Ok, I jumped in and ordered the dark brown cordovan's in the wingtip.... We'll see what material they are. Besides the fact that shell cordovan is usually shinier, is there any other way to distinguish shell cordovan from calfskin? if they're calfskin, back to they go (and i'll be $5.00 short). unless they're very nice or fit unbelievably well.
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Generally, if they're cordovan, there should be a stamp somewhere on the shoe indicating as much
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If this helps at all, I have a copy of the Polo catalogue; on page 14 the Darlton blucher is pictured, but in the catalogue it's called the Marlow blucher. The decription clearly says it's dark brown cordovan leather. The Darlton tassel loafers are also in the catalogue (p. 2) and it's described as dark brown cordovan leather. So, I'd bet that the people are just clueless and go with the NY Polo store as well as the printed catalogue. In any case, like someone else mentioned, there's little risk in ordering.
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They are cordovan... I know the site is confusing and also wrong... You can't get calf to look like this
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The "calfskin" description is for the black shoe. The brown is cordovan. And, yes, you can tell by more than the "shine" -- you'll know the minute you put them on your feet that these ain't calfskin (if you get the dk. brown cordovan that is). I'm speaking from experience -- like I said, I put them on my feet in the Polo store about six hours ago. FWIW, the material appears to be exactly the same as used in the McCallum Chukka on Bluefly.
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