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Desperate Housewives

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Has any had the opportunity to see this malignant piece of crap? I have never seen a worse show on TV, not even the OC is this senseless. I cannot believe this show is #1 in the ratings. Does anyone have any reason to watch and/or enjoy this show? It's a complete waste of time, yet I feel like if I don't watch it, I'm missing something important, because apparently everyone else likes it. Why can't people just go download porn for free (the actors will be just as good, and at least you'll get to see something) instead of watching it on TV when there could be genuinely entertaining things in its stead.
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Desperate Housewives is campy trash, like Melrose Place was a decade ago.  Don't watch it with the expectation of seeing Masterpiece Theatre.
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I've watched it before, but this weekend. I didn't because the channel on my TV did not move off of the TV Nation channel this past weekend - the 48 hour Baywatch Marathon - of which I must have watched at least 20 episodes over the past two days. OK - you can make fun of me - but I loved this show... And not just because of the women in swim suits, well not totally for the hot women in swim suits -- OK - mostly for the hot and gorgeous women in swim suits. I don't care - it was a fun show and definitely made my weekend to be able to watch those episodes again. Ahh - to be on a beach with Shauni, Summer, CJ, Caroline, Neely and Stephanie - that would be the life. Bradford
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Bradford it sounds like you have a lot more to tell us...
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This show is popular because it is better than 90 percent of the shows in primetime. All it may be is a well written soap opera turned down a notch, but this is what in essence great character and plot driven story's are. For examples see Greek poetry. I concede the point that the acting by some of the actors is bad. I wouldn't compare it to Melrose place which wasn't well written and didn't have any encompassing element, in dhw's that element is mystery and that is a good one to have and also explains why it's a must watch show. Yet when this show goes downhill it will slide with a vengance for examples see West Wing or the Oc or Nip and Tuck all shows which began in timeless fashion with good writting but because of the nature of tv shows sank like an oil rig. Full disclosure I did viciously attack my mom for watching this show(before I saw an episode),and I may now be overeacting to the fact that it is not the total garbage which I invisioned.
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I don't understand what the big fuss was when they cross promoted this show with Monday Night Football. I just don't get it. It seemed hypocritical of the NFL, which sells violence and sex. All you ended up seeing was a naked back, and nothing more. I think race played a factor. It probably wouldn't have offended as many people if it hadn't been a black man and a white woman. The funny thing is that so many people made a big deal out of this, that all these shows would discuss the issue and replay the scene.
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this show is great. easily the best new program in a long time along with ABC's LOST which is another winner. Desperate Housewives is a good combo of cheesy soap drama mixed with a whodunit mystery that is character driven and well written imo. when it premiered i expected it to be pretty bad but decided to check it out and i was instantly hooked.
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And remember, with the explosion in cable channel options, it just doesn't take that many viewers to be #1 anymore. For the week of Nov. 15-21, Desperate Housewives was the #2 show with 16 million households tuning in. That's less than 15 percent of American households--so it's not like everybody (or even every other body) is watching--the other 85 percent of American households were doing/watching something else. The hype is manufactured...that's what the TV industry does.
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It really good if you mute it and watch. The latino girl is very attractive as well as Teri Hatcher.
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