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What universities / colleges you attend or attende  

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Just for fun, post what school you go / went to and how / when did you become interested in clothes? I'll start: I'm going to FAU (Find another university, uh, I mean Florida Atlantic University) and I became interest when a friend of mine gave me a copy of the "A Gentleman's Guide" by Bernhard Roetzel for my birthday, 6 years ago. Just a curiosity of mine, I noticed that many people on the forum are still going to school. People whom enjoy sartorial matters at this age are quite rare, I should know: I'm only 21. Jon.
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I graduated from THE University of Oklahoma in Fall of 2001 with a degree in photography.  I became interested in clothes when I looked in my closet and realized that entering the work/dating world would require a much better wardrobe.  I learned a lot about how to dress from my Dad, and found that the better I dressed the better I felt and the better I was treated.  And although my salary is very low (that's the drawback of photojournalism, but I LOVE my job), I am able to find great sales and get good clothes for a fraction of retail.  Micromanaging of funds and buying smart has allowed me to put together a very good wardrobe, even though I usually just wear jeans and a collared shirt at work due to the very different environments and situations my job puts me in. But that makes the times I do get to dress up all that more enjoyable. Kevin
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There was a post concerning this topic awhile back... CHECK IN THE lifestyle archives. If I remember correctly, the majority of the older, Oxxford/Brioni/Kiton wearing contingent were lawyers of some variety, while the twenty-somethings were students (a lot of business majors and pre-law). FWIW, LA Guy are you a MD of some type?
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I am a student at San Diego State University, and will hopefully be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with an emphasis on Graphic Design in two years. My increasing interest in clothing is proportional to increasing in my pay checks. Before I got a good job, I never spent money on clothing, but as I have more disposable income, I have found myself spending a higher percentage of it on bettering my style.
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MIT, BS in CS (2004) MIT, MEng in CS (2004) I'm *almost* done (knock on wood). Despite the tech background, I'll be doing some consulting work in DC before going back to school for MBA or JD.
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University of Toronto Digital Enterprise Management specialist CCIT program
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BA Johns Hopkins MBA Univ Chicago GSB
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Is this the right section for this thread?   No, I'm not an MD - my hours would be longer and the pay better.  My brother is trying to follow this route.  Seems not at all my cuppa. BSc. Eng Queen's Uniersity MSc - Caltech PhD - Caltech Currently doing a postdoc at Harvard, then hopefully a faculty position.  Or maybe I'll drop out and open a retail store/design studio in the East Village.  And maybe I'll rob a bank to finance the whole thing. I"m interested in clothes because I'm a monster of vanity like the rest of you.
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Undergrad Babson (currently). Loomis Chaffee is no more than 15 minutes away from me CTGuy.What area in CT did you grow up in?
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I'll admit to my lowborn public university education: University of Kentucky, BA History University of South Carolina, MA History I did spend a summer at Exeter College, Oxford.
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BS, The College of William and Mary MBA (graduate in a month), The George Washington University
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I started learning more fashion as a natural extension to learning more about art and design, I suppose. BA from Emory University MBA from Duke University.
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Hons. BSc. from The University of Toronto Currently in law school at Queen's University Possibly a MBA in the future....
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Ranjeev, if you don't mind me asking, why are you considering MBA after law school?
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Wow, we have some extremely well educated people on this board. For someone applying to university next year, this is all very interesting.
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