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Bringing back this old thread... for some campers which I don't think are too horrible, their 'Together' line. Collaborating w/ designers or some such thing. The sandals are plug ugly, but the ring boots (similar to Quoddy's but lower in profile) and shoes ain't too bad. Plus, they are supposedly made with eco materials which is a plus for my crunchy ass. Why are they so expensive, though? Here is the link.
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I actually like the Brothers model. It has sort of a saddle shoe look. I have to be careful what I pair it with though. Only looks good with certain kinds of pants, mostly straight jeans and some darker khakis.
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I'm a big fan. If I had the cash I'd replace most of my other casual shoes with the full range of Peu Ramblas - the canvas ones. Well comfy. Campers also hold their value pretty well so if you keep them in good condition, you can ebay them if you get bored with a pair.


I also love the elastic laces but struggled to get hold of any replacements here in the UK so I had some made. I'm selling the excess pairs if anyone wants to PM me. I'm new so I can't link an ad yet, but I will after my probation period is up : )



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I haven't bought a pair of these in about 12 years, but I can co-sign these shoes being comfortable. And you don't see people wearing them anymore like you did in the early 2000's.
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Greetings from Spain. I've done some of my own research over an 8 year period.

It seems to me that Camper makes their high end shoes in Spain and the lower cost shoes....where ever labour is cheap.

There are 3 other companies that make shoes in Spain. Shoes that suit my style and are with in my price range. (Victoria Shoes) are my faves. Just bought a pair for 10€.   (Maians Shoes) are also great. Confortable but a bit more expensive.  (Munich Shoes) I don't own a pair but would like to try them out. They can be very affordable in Spain.


All these companies have long histories. I don't know what their overseas pricing is like or what their shipping costs are, or if they ship. I hope this helps a bit.  <3

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Looking at this Camper boot. Anybody have any experience with or thoughts about them?


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First off:


The phone number 866-269-3961 listed on the website - by far the poorest service I have come across - NO ONE answers for days.  I had to call a store in NYC to find out that there is ONLY ONE person who mans that phone line.  So forget getting through.


Second.  The website does not allow gift purchases - or rather, it does NOT allow you to input a different shipping and billing address, which effectively means you can NOT order a gift, as I have been trying to do for my father.


Thirdly.  I asked if the NYC store could place and order for me and they said they COULD NOT. 


How much more difficult can they make it to get a pair of damn shoes?  And as is, I would be very very wary about ordering

anything online from them because I do nto get a sense that the customer service end is there.


How unfortunate in tis world today that something as simple as ordering online seems beyond the company.  And as you know,

its not like there are stores everywhere either.


I say - go find another brand.  This is simply not worth it.

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I think Camper is a very good shoe for the money, that´s my experience with them

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Anyone had any recent experiences with Camper?
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Never buy CAMPER shoes. I had two pairs, one of them got broken after two
months of wear. Leather on heel got broken. Entire shoe was ok. It was
that it was my fault. 
I wanted to send it to factory so that they would check it. They didn't
care. They don't care about the quality of their product. DONE BUY IT.

Check photos:

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Anything similar to the peu but less broad in the toe box. Its an odd look on my feet
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I think the quality is Ok, but a bit overpriced. I like some of the sneakers designs. In my opnion There is always a couple of nice models in their catalog.

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