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Opinions on Alden Cordovan Monk Strap

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I don't know why, but I am obsessed with this shoe. What are your opinions?
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and so you sohuld be. it is great.
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It is a fine shoe. But I must confess, when it comes to monk straps I generally prefer what the Brits do with them: Of course, you're not going to get cordovan from them, or the look of that Alden. By no means would I turn down those Aldens if someone wanted to give me a pair. (anyone? anyone?) When it comes to Alden cordovan, this has been the object of my desire: *sigh*
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I am not a fan of the Alden monkstrap. I think the strap is too thin.
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It's in the Aberdeen last, same as the tassel and full-strap loafers, which has a nice shape to it. They're quite handsome, but I'm predisposed toward Aldens.
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Well, I like the V-shaped quarters. I do wish, however, that the quarters came closer together so that the strap didn't have to be so long and that the buckle was rectangular instead of D-shaped. All in all, a good but not outstanding shoe.
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I am not a fan of the Alden monkstrap. I think the strap is too thin.
I was always wondering why I felt something was wrong with the Alden Monstrap, and you hit it on the nail for me... that strap is too thin, imho. still, i'll also take it if somebody gave it to me.
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The Alden monkstrap is a good shoe to have in your wardrobe;however, the square toe norwegian front in either burgundy or black shell cordovan is a great shoe in my ihmo. AlanC you are right on the mark.
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I have to agree with some of the previous posters. Although some monk straps made by those Brits have impossibly huge buckles which I find distracts from the otherwise elegant shoe, I have to say on a whole, English monk straps are by far the most elegant and refined. The Aldens while nice are not as elegant. The stitching appears coarse but that maybe due to the leather being cordovan. For me, I think a monk strap should have a long nose or toe(I don't know which is the correct terminalogy). The quarters that form the V shape I think could be a bit farther back and up thus allowing a longer nose and making the strap shorter. The strap itself can be further back, again allowing for a longer nose. I also find the two rows of stitching unnecessary, creating a shoe that is less elegant. As mentioned also, a square/rectangular buckle looks nicer.
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I also agree that the Norwegian in cordovan may be Alden's best shoe. Great minds definitely think alike.
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My current favorite monkstrap is the Lobb Jermyn II--saw it at the Madison Ave store Saturday, and it almost reminded me of a yacht in its sweeping elegance, as strange as that sounds. $1100 is a lot of money, though.
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Does anyone have any new thoughts on this shoe? (alden monk)

I do like it and am drawn to it, but am just unsure how to wear it.

Would it go with dress pants? If so, gray only?

How could it be dressed down?

Kindest Regards...
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It's a nice looking shoe. I would have it in shell if it didn't have the gold-tone buckle.
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I thought cordovan used to be recommended for navy blue dress pants.

I like the shoes but agree that the buckle would be better if it were not gold.
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I have this shoe and it is great. I wear it with whatever, jeans, it doesn't matter. Perhaps I wouldn't wear it to an interview. Then again, perhaps I would.

The buckle is real solid brass, in anything but a freshly polished state it will look a dull brown or pewterish, not bright gold.
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